Summer Housing 2018

Hood College provides limited campus housing options over the summer to current students, recent graduates, and others.

Housing Costs for Hood College Students

Rates: $175 per week or portion thereof for a double room (per person); $210 per week or portion thereof for a single room (per person).

Payment terms: Housing for May and June will be billed under the terms of Summer I; housing for July and August will be billed under the terms of Summer II. Charges are waived for the ten week period for Hood College students participating with approved faculty research programs during the summer; any other time spent in summer housing will be billed to the student. Charges are waived for Summer Resident Assistants.

Dates: Hood students living on campus during the spring semester whose summer housing begins May 20 will be able to stay in their spring assignment until then at no cost, but will be required to move to their summer room on Sunday, May 20.

Housing Costs for Non-Hood College Students

Students attending classes at other colleges and performing internships at local organizations may be provided Hood College housing if they can be accommodated provided they are 18 years of age or older.

Rates: $248 per week or portion thereof for a double room (per person); $285 per week or portion thereof for a single room (per person).

Payment terms: Payment for the entire contracted period is due in full before the individual may move in.

Dates:  The first date summer housing is available is Sunday, May 20. The last date summer housing is available is Sunday, August 13. 

Academic Schedule

  • Term 1 is from May 21 to July 1
  • Term 2 is from July 2 to August 12
  • Fall semester classes begin August 27

Move In

Residents may move in the first date they are approved for housing (no earlier than May 20), which is the date requested on their application. Key pick-up is at the Whitaker Campus Center front desk.

Move Out

Students who reside in summer housing may be permitted to move into their fall residence halls early, depending upon the completion of summer facilities projects. Students should monitor their email for more information on moving dates for fall residence halls. Students not returning to Hood College housing for the fall 2018 semester must move out of their summer rooms by 5 p.m., Sunday, August 12. Students who are leaving summer housing before August 12, but who are returning to campus for the fall, must place their belongings in storage if they will be residing in a different room in the fall.

Extended Stay for Hood College Students

If the requested move-in date (on the summer housing application) is the earliest possible, May 20, and the resident is currently residing in Hood College housing, they may stay on campus until that May 20 move-in date at no additional cost, provided the resident moves along the timeline specified; if the resident chooses not to move along this timeline, they vacate their current room by the published spring semester closing date and may not occupy the summer assignment until the requested move-in date. If the requested move-out date ends on or after August 12 and the resident is a Hood College Fall 2018 resident, they may stay on campus at no additional cost to move to their fall residence along the timeline communicated by Residence Life in early August. If choosing not to move along this timeline, the resident must vacate their summer assignment at the requested move-out date and adhere to the published fall semester move-in date to occupy their fall room assignment. 

Facilities Matters

The residence hall rooms contain bedroom furniture (bed, dresser, desk and desk chair), as well as a built-in closet. All rooms have central air conditioning. Furniture should not be removed from the room. If a resident owns a limited amount of additional furniture they would like to include in the room, it will need to be rearranged or stored in a place for unwanted furniture within the assignment. Inflatable furniture, bean bag chairs, and exercise (i.e., treadmills) and recreational (i.e., ping pong tables) equipment are not permitted. Upholstered furniture must be fire retardant. Extension cords, except multiple outlet types with built-in fuse and surge protectors, are prohibited. Other important items prohibited in residences are listed in the Student Handbook.

There are no private bathrooms. Bathrooms are shared among the floor residents. There are private showers in the bathrooms. Occupants are expected to keep their rooms clean and orderly at all times. Trash is to be placed in appropriate hallway or bathroom receptacles. Residents are responsible for notifying residence life staff immediately upon discovering any deteriorated or altered room conditions. Facility-related work order requests need to be reported immediately to Hood College facilities by the resident. Any non-emergency facilities work requests must be made through following directions [LINK]. Any disaster, unusual occurrence, utility malfunction or equipment failure presenting an imminent danger to life, health, or property is an emergency and should be reported immediately to campus safety at 301-696-3548.

Summer is a busy time on campus. Facilities staff use this time to repair and replace, paint, update and complete various projects. Some of this may cause a temporary disruption of service and inconvenience to residents including the possibility of relocation. The College attempts to provide advance notice, but this is not always possible. During the summer, the campus has also been known to experience severe weather, resulting in power outages. At times, furniture is replaced during the summer, and coordinating the removal of the old and installation of the new may result in an inconvenience to residents.

Residents with a key or lock issue (such as a lost, stolen, or misplaced their key or a lock that is not functioning properly) should immediately report this information to campus safety. All spaces during the summer are subject to fire drills, testing of fire equipment, Room Condition Form inspections, air filter changes, Health, Maintenance and Safety inspections, and facilities staff and contractor repairs. Belongings left in rooms during times not assigned will be considered abandoned and/or discarded, and charges will be assessed to the resident’s account. In addition, the resident may face judicial action and will be assessed a charge of $100 a day. 

Room Assignment

Residents agree to live in the location assigned and not participate in unapproved room changes. The College reserves the right to reassign, remove or suspend (pending review) from the residence halls any resident whose conduct exhibits disregard for the residential community, who violates the terms and conditions of residence hall occupancy, or who violates other College rules and regulations. The director of residence life and/or designee will make such determinations.

Room changes are not permitted for summer assignments. Vacancies will be filled as new requests for housing are submitted. Residents in a double room with a vacancy are expected to keep the space clean and clear, ready to receive a new occupant at any time. Residents must accept a new occupant as assigned by the Office of Residence Life. The Office of Residence Life may not have time to notify residents they will be getting a new roommate. Staff will regularly check the vacancy to ensure it is ready to receive a new roommate; if the space is found to be unavailable for a new resident, a $100 fine will be assessed to the resident (after a warning of such is first provided). Behavior which discriminates against or impedes an interested resident or assigned occupant will be considered sufficient grounds for disciplinary action, including reassignment or removal from the residence halls, without refund, as determined by the director of residence life or his/her designee. The College reserves the right to change room assignments at its discretion at any time, including but not limited to consolidation of room assignments.  The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to consolidate space/vacancies in order to accommodate any resident. 

Residents must move in and move out of their housing assignment during the proper dates and times. Check-out instructions will be provided by resident assistants and must be followed to avoid improper checkout fees and key charges. When checking out of their housing assignment, residents must leave the space in the same condition that they found it in or better. Specifically, rooms should be cleaned, garbage removed, floors free of debris, and furniture tops dusted. All residents will be charged any room damage charges which are assessed from comparing move-in conditions with those at move-out.

Changes to Summer Residency

Should a resident wish to cancel their summer housing assignment, it must be requested in writing to as soon as possible (prior to the cancellation). If possible, Hood College accounting office staff will adjust housing charges. The College may terminate this agreement and take possession of the room at any time upon (A) violation of the provisions of this agreement; (B) the direction of a duly authorized judicial body, dean, director or other officer of the College; or (C) suspension/expulsion or a directive removing them from the College. 

Policies and Behavior

Residents are responsible for observing all College regulations and directives issued through the Office of Residence Life, campus safety and other staff. Every resident should read and adhere to College policies at All housing-related policies are in effect during the summer. Non-students also must comply with policies outlined in the Student Handbook.

Per the Code of Conduct guidelines, Hood College housing is dry during the summer sessions. This means that no alcoholic beverages (open or unopened containers) are permitted in the residences during the summer housing period, regardless of age. Students who violate this policy will be evicted from summer housing. Living on campus during any part of the summer is a privilege.

Regular overnight guests are not permitted in residence during the summer housing period. Summer housing residents will be allowed one guest per week who may stay for no more than two days and nights. Guests must be registered with residence life by signing in (and signing out). Failure to comply with all listed expectations could result in immediate removal from housing.

Strict quiet hours will be observed 11 p.m. through 10 a.m. daily, and courtesy hours will be observed at all other times. In addition, the city noise ordinance is in effect at 11 p.m each night.

Meal Preparation

The dining hall is not open for most of the summer. Residents must make alternative meal arrangements or prepare meals in the house or residence hall kitchen (with the stipulation they clean up after each use). Cooking is not allowed in the residence hall rooms. Although there will be housekeeping service available during the summer, only in the residence hall common areas, failure to keep the residence hall and kitchen area clean may result in fines to the entire residence hall or responsible party and/or closure of the kitchen for a specified period of time.


Resident assistants (RAs) will periodically be present and available. Professional staff in the Office of Residence Life will be available on regular business days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to handle concerns beyond the scope of the RAs. To contact the Office of Residence Life, call 301-696-3577, email or visit Whitaker Campus Center room 221. In addition, there is a residence life professional on call 24 hours a day to support the RAs during residential emergencies.