Residence Hall

Residence Halls

Hood College offers 840 students an exemplary housing experience in a variety of different communities on campus. Each of the six halls offers a unique living environment. 

Please explore the pages for each individual residence hall to learn more about them. 

Residence Halls

  • Memorial Hall (mixed housing)
  • Smith Hall (mixed housing)
  • Coblentz Hall (mixed housing)
  • Meyran Hall (mixed housing)
  • Shriner Hall (mixed housing)
  • New residence hall (upperclass student housing) 

Residence Hall Information

  • A limited number of singles are available to seniors and some juniors on a space-available basis. 
  • First-year students and sophomores are required to have roommates; exceptions may be made for older students and students with approved housing accommodations. 
  • All traditional residence halls have four computers - three PCs and one Mac - available for student use. The New Residence Hall has one PC per floor for students to use. There are many other computer labs on campus, as well. 
  • All residence halls have snack and soda machines. 
  • All residence hall rooms are wired for the Internet (wired and wireless access available). Local and campus calls can be made from hallway phones at no charge; students must pay for long distance calls using a calling card.
  • All residence halls have a large, flat-screen high definition television in the common lounge area, with cable television for groups to watch shows or movies.
  • All housing areas have on-site laundry machines that are provided at no added cost to the student.  
  • Fees are available at