New Hall Exterior

Blazer Hall

Blazer Hall Opened in September of 2020, and is Hood College's newest residential building which offers suite and semi-suite living for 201 upperclass students. 

The building offers many amenities for the students residing there including; private bathrooms they share with their suitemates, a large community lounge, study lounge, and printing area on every residential floor, and a laundry room, state of the art kitchen, and large lounge area on the first floor. All suites and semi-suites have a total of two-four students, in double and single rooms. Students in semi-suites share a small common space with a separate shower room and toilet room. Students in suites share a common living room, kitchenette, shower room, and toilet room. There are a select number of double rooms throughout the building, which include one room two students share with an attached bathroom that includes both a shower and toilet. Please see below the floor plans for each room type offered in the building. 

Honors Program

Blazer Hall also offers a home to the honors program at Hood College, including the program office, study space for honors students to utilize, and classroom. All honors students will have access to this space starting the 2021-2022 academic year. Honors housing is also offered in Blazer Hall for all sophomore and above students in the honors program. Honors students looking for an opportunity to live in a close knit community of peers in the honors program, plan events together, and learn from one another should apply to live in honors housing here. Applications are due April 22. 

Language Houses

Blazer Hall is now the home of the language houses at Hood College, which provide students an opportunity to engage with further developing a particular foreign language including French, German, or Spanish. Students in one of the language houses will be directly connected with a language assistant living in close vicinity to them, that will help create an environment centered around learning that specific language and culture more in-depth. Students can apply to live in one of the language houses here. Applications are due on April 22, with preference given to students needing to fulfill major or graduation requirements of language house residency.  

Students who want to live in Blazer Hall for the 2021-22 academic year should fill out one of the following applications depending on the room type they would like to live in:

3-person (three singles) semi-suites

Due April 20 - click here for the 3-person semi-suite application (applicants notified of their status by 5 p.m. on April 21)

2-person (one double) semi-suites

Due April 22 - click here for 2-person semi-suite application (applicants notified of their status by 5 p.m. on April 23)

4-person (two doubles) suites

Due April 24 - click here for the 4-person group application (applicants notified of their status by 5 p.m. on April 26)

4-person (two doubles) semi-suites

Due April 26 - click here for the 4-person group application (applicants notified of their status by 5 p.m. on April 28)

Note there is only one application for both 4-person groups, and it allows you to select live in either a suite or semi-suite. If the group you are applying with does not have a preference of room type between suite and semi-suite, please select both options in the application. 

Selection Process

The selection for each group application process first entails staff reviewing the submitted applications to determine which groups meet the application requirements. Next, the qualified groups are ranked by their total combined earned credits. Groups with the highest combined earned credits will be approved in this order, based on availability. All applicants will be contacted about their status in the process.


There are five 3-person (singles) semi-suites in the new residence hall. 


There are 19 2-person (one double) semi-suites in the new residence hall. This floorplan shows a typical room on the right side with furniture for two students; the left side shows a resident assistant room with one set of furniture. There will be an RA on floors two through five. Most 2-person semi-suite configurations will not be neighboring an RA room.


There are 20 4-person (two doubles) semi-suites.


There are 16 4-person (two doubles) suites.