Room Selection for Current Students

Current First-Year Students

Current first-year residential students are required to live on-campus for their second year, and therefore it is necessary for them to participate in the room selection process. These current residents must electronically sign a housing and food service contract between April 3 and April 15. Failure to do so does not release the student from the second year residency requirement or from the requirement to participate in the room selection process, and it will ensure they receive the higher (least desirable) lottery number.  If eligible, these students may apply for specialized housing (see below for details). Otherwise, these students will receive a residence hall room selection lottery number to select an assignment in either Coblentz, Meyran, or Shriner Halls on Sunday, the afternoon of April 28 (see below for details). Those planning to not return to Hood College next fall must complete a Leave of Absence or Withdraw form with the Office of the Registrar before April 8 to not be required to have a fall room assignment as a result of the room selection process.

Current Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Students with upperclass standing are not required to live in Hood College housing next academic year and they are able to decide between the following two options:

  • Choose to secure their own lease/housing off-campus and commute to class.  If a student chooses to commute, please communicate as soon as possible with the Office of Financial Aid.  Having a commuter status may result in an adjustment to the financial aid package.
  • Between April 3 and April 15, commit to living in Hood housing by electronically signing a housing and dining contract. Students submitting this legally-binding contract will be eligible to apply for specialized housing (see below for details) or will receive a residence hall room selection lottery number to select an assignment in either Coblentz, Meyran, or Shriner Halls on April 28, 2019 (see below for details).

Important Information

Students should review room and meal plan rates with parents or others helping to pay. If receiving financial aid restrictive with regards to room and board, check with staff in the Office of Financial Aid. Click here for 2019-2020 rate information.

Room Rates

Room - Shared $3,300 per semester
Room - Single $3,815 per semester

Meal Plan Rates

The All Access Meal Plan costs $3,140 per semester and includes 100 Blazer Bucks for the semester and 5 meal exchanges per week at The Blazer. The All Access meal plan allows students unlimited entrance to the Coblentz Dining Hall throughout the day while open. Students can stop by for a snack, a meal or just to visit friends whenever and as often as they like.

The 10 Meal Plan costs $2,820 per semester and includes 200 Blazer Bucks for the semester and 3 meal exchanges per week at The Blazer.

The Commuter meal plan costs $865 per semester and includes 50 block (meals per semester), $400 in Blazer Bucks for the semester, and unlimited meal exchanges. Only residents in the leased duplexes (Language Houses and Honors Housing) may waive a meal plan or select a Commuter Meal Plan, and must indicate this on their specialized application.

Housing and Food Service Contract

All 2019-2020 residents must complete their housing and food service contract within Self Service between April 3 and April 15. This contract is a legally-binding agreement between the student and the College; students not required to be residents who are tentative about living in Hood College housing must not enter into a housing contract until they are certain. Beginning April 3, access the Housing and Food Service Contract 2019-2020 link after logging into Self Service.

Roommate Information

All continuing/upperclass students must select their own roommates. Roommates should discuss living options. Sometimes it is not the best idea to be roommates with a good friend or to continue with a current roommate if there are anticipated communication problems. Students may stop in the Student Life Suite during office hours to complete a questionnaire and read over others’ questionnaires to contact potentially compatible roommate candidates. Note that Residence Life will not match roommates together for continuing students prior to the room selection lottery.

Room Selection Eligibility

In order to participate in the residence hall room selection lottery, students must be assigned a lottery number and appointment time. Only undergraduate students currently enrolled in Hood College courses or currently in an approved study abroad/away program, who will continue as undergraduate students at Hood College in fall 2019, are eligible to participate in the room selection process. Students new to the 2019-2020 academic year are not permitted to participate in this process.

Previous Hood College students on leave or otherwise making plans to return during the 2019-2020 academic year are eligible to participate in this process only if they meet all of the following requirements:

  • Are readmitted to the College by April 10 in order to complete their housing contract
  • Have no holds on their student account
  • Are fully registered for a full-time load of fall 2019 classes no later than April 22
  • Have a desired roommate who will select their room (or friend to serve as proxy)

Students not meeting these requirements will be eligible for housing assignments in July, based on availability, once they meet the requirements.

Residence Hall Room Selection Lottery

The residence hall room selection lottery for Coblentz, Meyran and Shriner Halls will take place the afternoon of Sunday, April 28, 2019 in the Whitaker Campus Center Commons. By 5 p.m. on April 23, participants will receive their room selection lottery number and room selection appointment time for the lottery on Sunday, April 28. Numbers are randomly calculated by class (giving rising seniors preference, then rising juniors, and then rising sophomores). The student in the roommate pair with the lowest number and earliest appointment time should attend at that earlier time with the desired roommate(s) to select the group’s assignment. All students must present their Hood College ID card (or another government-issued ID card). Any student required to have a housing assignment who fails to enter the required housing process and select an assignment will be administratively placed in a room by the Residence Life staff immediately after Room Selection takes place.

Student Account Holds

Each student needs to ensure there is no hold on their Student Account by April 15. Students participating in the Room Selection Lottery process with holds on their account will receive the highest (least desirable) lottery numbers.  Students with Accounting (overdue balances) holds on their student account will not be permitted to move into their fall assignment until it is cleared.

Proxy Information

Students unable to attend the room selection process to select their assignment must designate a proxy to send to their appointment to select on their behalf. The student must email from their Hood email account providing the name of the person serving as their proxy. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate to their proxy their appointment time.

Housing Wait List

The housing wait list will be first available beginning at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1, and will be accessible by clicking here.  Prior to August move-in, submitted requests will be processed based on available space.  Those unable to change assignments will be processed, if possible, during the fall semester if spaces become available. Hood College sophomore students must have roommates.  Therefore, any housing wait list request for a single room from a first-year (rising sophomore) student will be processed after juniors and seniors, prior to fall classes beginning.

About Available Spaces

Visit to view floor plan files of available spaces. Bookmark this on your phone to view real time changes during the Room Selection Lottery so you know which room to select when it is your appointment time.

All-Female Floors

Only female residents may be assigned on these floors as they are designated all-female floors. They are the fourth floor of Coblentz Hall, the first floor of Meyran Hall, and the first floor of Shriner Hall.

All-Male Floor

The basement floor of Meyran Hall is designated an all-male floor. Only male residents may be assigned on this floor.

All-Gender Floors

All other floors besides the all-female and all-male floors are designated all-gender. This means one room on the floor may be designated male residents and the next room may be designated female residents. It also means students of different genders may choose to live together in a room on these floors (see All-Gender Rooms below).

All-Gender Rooms

Upperclass students in the room selection process of varying genders may choose to live together in a room on all-gender floors. Should any student depart their housing assignment, the remaining roommate(s) would have 72 hours to find a replacement roommate to fill the vacancy; if a replacement is not found, the space would be designated as single-gender for administrative assignment; this would result in the apartment roommate or triple/quad roommate of the departing student moving to another housing assignment to allow for the space to be available as a single-gender for the duration of the academic year.

Elevator Access

The elevator in Meyran Hall will remain offline for student use next academic year. Students requiring elevator access must select Coblentz Hall or Shriner Hall and should request a housing accommodation. The Shriner Hall elevator stops at the third floor (does not go to the fourth floor).

Coblentz Hall Air-Conditioning

Coblentz rooms have air-conditioning window units which are typically removed in October and may not be replaced before May. Students with health needs requiring an all-year window unit need to submit a housing accommodations request form.

Single Rooms

Students with the lowest (best) numbers will have access to the available single occupancy rooms. One of the most frequently asked questions is, "What is the likelihood I will get a single with XYZ number?" This is not a question which can be answered. Students with low numbers desiring a single room are advised to have a back-up plan of a selected roommate in case a single room is not available at the Room Selection Lottery; individuals with low numbers unable to select a single room will be able to select a double room with a random roommate in the same situation. Students may then complete the housing wait list the week after the process if wishing to change their assignment.

Animal Allergy-Reduced Floors

Coblentz third floor, Meyran third floor, and Shriner second floor are considered animal allergy-reduced floors. This means if students are approved to have an emotional support animal, effort will be made to have assignments on other floors so residents on these floors are not impacted as much.

Specialized Housing Application Processes

Language Houses

Students interested in living in the French, German or Spanish House should click here for the application, due March 27.  Preference is given to students needing to fulfill major or graduation requirements of language house residency.

Honors Housing

Students in the honors program are eligible to apply for Honors Housing residency.  Click here for the application, due March 27.  UPDATE:  deadline extended to April 8.

7th Street Duplex Application Process

Each unit at the 7th Street Duplex (hereafter referred to as “duplexes”) holds six students and is comprised of one single bedroom, one double-occupancy bedroom, and one triple-occupancy bedroom. The duplex’s residents may be all-gender by room and/or duplex. There is one duplex available in the room selection process for the coming academic year.  To be considered for the leased duplex, each student applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in good academic standing (minimum of 2.0 cumulative and semester grade point averages).
  • Have no holds on their student account.
  • Be in good judicial standing. Past student conduct records, if any, will be taken into consideration. The Dean of Students, Chief of Campus Safety, and Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct will review the behavior records of all individuals applying.  Group application denial reasons include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Any individual applicant has disciplinary history which demonstrates a pattern of policy violations likely to interfere with successful residency in the duplex.
  • Any individual applicant is on Housing or Disciplinary Probation, and the probation term ends after September 1, 2019.
  • Any individual applicant is on Dean’s Probation for any offense, and the probation term ends after September 1, 2019.
  • Must apply as a group of six students.
  • The group leader will apply on behalf of the other five students by submitting the completed electronic form by noon on April 22.
  • The submission must include the names of all students in each group; submitted applications without this information will be considered incomplete and will not be considered.
  • Absolutely no late applications will be considered.
  • The group must work together on the answers to the application questions to come to consensus.
Selection Process

The duplex selection process first entails staff reviewing the submitted applications to determine which groups meet the application requirements. Next, the qualified groups will be ranked by their total combined earned credits. The qualified group with the highest combined earned credits will be approved to live in the available duplex 6-person duplex. Prior to the room selection lottery, all applicants will be contacted about their status in the process. Click here for the duplex group application.

Quad, Suite, and Triple Rooms

Click here for the group application, due 4 p.m. on April 9, for groups desiring to live in a quad, 4-person suite, or triple room.  Available rooms are below.

  • Shriner Hall rooms 115 and 117, 4-Person Suite, all-female floor
  • Meyran Hall room 005 Triple, all-male floor
  • Meyran Hall room 100 Triple, all-female floor
  • Shriner Hall 4th Floor Triples, all-gender floor, 6 rooms available

Note that the two-person suite in Shriner Hall (rooms 307 and 309, both single rooms, charged at the single room rate) are not included in this process as they are available only in the Room Selection Lottery; to select these rooms, a pair must select the suite together at the Lottery.

Housing Accommodation Requests

Requests for housing accommodations for next academic year are due March 15.  Visit for information regarding housing accommodations, including the request form and information regarding assistance animals.  These housing accommodation requests may be based on any of the following reasons:  medical, psychological, temporary disability factors, non-medical physical, religious, cultural, ethnic, and gender-related.  If you have questions regarding the housing accommodations request process, email or schedule a meeting with Kate Gmuer at students with currently approved housing accommodations should not complete this form and should have already received an email from Kate Gmuer regarding the process to reapply.)


After reviewing the information above, if you have questions regarding Room Selection, please contact director of residence life and student conduct, Matt Troutman, at