LEAD Points


  • Each senator will start at zero points for each semester
  • At every event listed above, the Whip, Speaker of the Senate or one executive member will have a sign in sheet for senators to sign in. No points will be awarded if the senator forgets to sign in
  • Executive officers do not receive points
  • Speaker of the Senate and Senate Whip will be in charge of sign in sheets or making sure there is a designated executive member with a sheet at every event
  • President and Vice President will over see any issues
  • Each executive chair will be in charge of committee attendance and will receive an attendance template at the beginning of the semester that will be submitted to the Whip every month.
  • Senator with the highest points of all senators receives Senator of the Year
  • One senator from each class with the highest points will receive a reward
  • Points will be calculated before the final Senate meeting of each semester. Awards will be handed out at the final Senate meeting or passing of the gavel in the spring.
  • Senators whose points are below the minimum will not be eligible to run in the fall. Senators whose points are at or below minimum after fall semester will have a mandatory meeting with President or Vice President to discuss any issues.
Dressing in business casual1
Attending meetings (committee and Senate)2
Tabling2 (per hour)
Attending hot topic meeting3
Attending holiday dinner3
Attending SGA-sponsored events*4
Attending a leadership retreat5
Senator of the Month5

Maximum amount of points: 118 points
Minimum amount of points: 51 points

Events include but are not limited to: fundraiser, GYHTHD, Easter egg hunt, safe harvest, lighting of the pergola, ugly sweater contest