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Fire Evacuation

Means of Egress 

Means of egress is another name for any exit from a building. Means of egress at the College include hallways, stairwells and doors over which an exit sign is placed. Familiarize yourself with College buildings and locate appropriate exit signs, especially in your residence hall.  

Obstructing a means of egress is forbidden and can be dangerous or life threatening.

Evacuation Procedure  

The Campus Safety Department responds to all fire alarms. However, the most important step you can take for your safety is to learn the quickest way out of the building and always evacuate whenever you hear a fire alarm. Smoke is the most significant danger in a fire and prompt evacuation is your best response. 

When the general alarm sounds in your building, use the back of your hand to feel your room door/doorknob:

  • If cool, leave immediately, close the door, and proceed quickly and in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit. Stay out of the building until given the "all clear" signal by emergency personnel or authorized staff. Failure to evacuate properly during a fire alarm is a serious breach of Hood policy. Use stairwells in the event of fire. DO NOT use elevators, which might become inoperable and trap occupants. Fire doors must remain closed at all times. Never prop them open, especially when evacuating.  
  • If the door is hot, remain in the room, put towels or other material under the door, open the window from the top. Signal for help by hanging a flag (i.e., sheet, jacket, etc.) out of the window and call 911 or ext. 3548.  

Evacuation Tips  

  • If you see smoke or flames and the alarm is not sounding, pull the closest fire alarm and leave the building.  
  • If smoke is present in the hallway or stairwell, remain close to the floor.  
  • Familiarize yourself with alternate routes to leave the building.  
  • Do not attempt to jump from multi-story windows.  
  • Once out, stay out. Go to your designated assembly area. Contact your RA or department administrator for the location of your designated assembly area.  
  • The pergola area is the designated assembly area for all residence halls.  

If you are unable to evacuate without special assistance or a modified plan, contact your RA, housing services or office administrator. Special accommodations or a personalized evacuation plan may save your life!

For additional information, visit the National Fire Protection Association.