Quarantine for Residential Students

Residential students who have been directed to quarantine or isolate are strongly encouraged to do so at home or at another off-campus location. Those who are not able to leave campus will be housed in a designated location during their quarantine or isolation per campus COVID-19 protocol, instructions from the student’s medical provider and/or the Frederick County Health Department.

Students in quarantine or isolation must stay in their designated rooms and away from other people until the CDC’s criteria of when it is safe to be around others  is met and their medical provider clears them. The only exception is to access medical care. They must not go to class (including internship), or work.

If a residential student is required to isolate or quarantine and does not adhere to the health and safety standards, the student is subject to immediate removal from campus housing and may be suspended or dismissed from the College.

Directions for accessing services and policies are posted in all quarantine or isolation spaces.

Health and  Counseling Support  
Quarantined or isolated students will have access to remote physical and mental health care (or in person if condition warrants emergency care/hospitalization) from their own personal medical providers and/or: 

Meal Service  
Aramark has pre-delivered cases of water, Gatorade, fruit and snacks, and developed a meal sign-up form.  Aramark will accommodate quarantined/isolated students’ dietary needs  specific to food allergies and/or medical or religious restrictions and/or digestive symptoms related to COVID-19. Those needs will be communicated to dining services by way of the meal order form for quarantined/isolated students.

Academic and Personal Supplies  
Students in quarantine/isolation will be advised to take the following supplies with them. 

  • Textbooks and notebooks  
  • Laptop, iPad, phone, chargers  
  • Medication  
  • Toiletries and clothing  
  • Safety kit, including a thermometer, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc. 

Academic Support and Guidance  
Students in quarantine and isolation will not be able to attend classes  in person.  Depending on their circumstances/symptoms, students will be able to take part in learning and submission of assignments remotely if feeling well enough to do so, However, it is recognized that some students may be too ill to participate in classes and coursework for a period of time.  Faculty will exercise the greatest degree of flexibility in evaluating both student attendance and participation should quarantine or isolation be required. All course materials are available online and accessible to students.

Blazer Support Team
Members of the Hood College faculty and staff have volunteered to support students who have been assigned to quarantine and isolation (Q/I). These individuals, known as the Blazer Support Team, will provide assistance for the duration of the students’ time in quarantine or isolation (weekdays and weekends) for approximately 10-14 days, depending upon their prevailing symptoms. Blazer Support Team members will check in with students at least twice daily, manage contactless deliveries of meals and conduct coordinated supply runs for students (meds, hygiene products, laundry, etc.) if needed. Items are left outside the residence door and the student is alerted via text message. Blazer Support Team members will wear PPE (gloves and mask) when delivering items to the quarantine/isolation space.

As a standard practice to plan for COVID-19 in higher education institutions, Hood College has designated rooms for quarantine and isolation. The following are set aside as designated spaces (in preferred order of use):

  • 7th Street Duplexes (9 -12 beds)
  • Magnolia House (3 beds)
  • New residence hall first floor apartment (2 beds)
  • Honors House (4 beds)
  • New residence hall semi-suite (2 beds)
  • Rosemont House (4 beds)
  • Hotel rooms (as needed)

Each space has a microwave, refrigerator, disposable paper products, snacks, cleaning supplies, linens and toiletries.

If the student has spent the required time in isolation or quarantine and has met the CDC’s criteria of when it is safe to be around others, the student COVID-19 case manager, in consultation with the director of wellness, will release the individual from isolation or quarantine. The student COVID-19 case manager will notify the POC and then notify the student.

The student COVID-19 case manager will notify dining services, facilities, Blazer Support Team coordinator and campus safety when room is vacated.