Surveillance & Contact Tracing

Hood College is working closely with the Frederick County Health Department to stay current with information about testing availability, quarantine and contact tracing measures.

COVID-19 contact tracing involves minimizing the spread of COVID-19 by identifying close contacts (individuals who are at risk of contracting COVID-19). Hood College will conduct internal contact tracing in addition to state health department contact tracing. All Hood College contact tracers have completed a certification course in contact tracing by Johns Hopkins University.

If there is a COVID-19 case or potential COVID-19 case on campus, internal contact tracing begins immediately. 

  • If the person is an employee, the employee COVID-19 case manager will conduct the contact tracing.
  • If the person is a student, the student COVID-19 case manager will identify a Hood contact tracer to conduct the contact tracing.

The contact tracer will return that information to the COVID-19 case manager for immediate follow up for that case. They will also provide to either the student or employee COVID-19 case manager the name and contact information for any close contacts; and share information with the COVID data manager, while protecting privacy.

The Frederick County Health Department also conducts contact tracing for all positive COVID-19 cases on campus.

Monitoring COVID-19 on Campus

Stephanie Arcadia, institutional research analyst, will serve as the COVID-19 data manager and will manage all COVID-19 related data. In this role, she will:

  • Generate a random list of 100 (or more) campus community members to be tested each week and provide list to testing coordinator
  • Monitor #CampusClear results for students and collect same data from human resources (Meg Timmons)
  • Collect other data needed for COVID-19 metrics and produce weekly report for CERT review
  • Work with vice president of marketing and communications to produce public dashboard
  • Produce additional reports as needed
  • Provide requested data to external bodies (e.g., State Health Department)

Hood College has a responsibility to review and modify existing protocols to address changes in the public health situation on campus. Hood College reserves the right to alter response protocols and/or the operating status of the College at any time if an assessment is made that the public health situation on campus has reached a point where health and safety are unlikely to be adequately maintained under the current protocols.

Campus administrators and health services staff communicate regularly with officials in the Frederick County Government, particularly the Frederick County Health Department, and local health partners (Frederick Health) regarding regional assessments concerning virus spread. Virus-related statistics tracked by the State of Maryland are also monitored. College administrators follow guidance provided by the Frederick County Health Department, the advice of local health partners (Frederick Health) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and all directives issued by the State of Maryland when considering the adjustment of existing response protocols or implementation of recommended mitigation measures.

A number of benchmarks will be used to determine if changes in protocol are needed. A public dashboard is updated weekly.