How We Prepared

Nearly 100 faculty, staff, students, trustees and community health leaders have been preparing since March to welcome you home this fall, focusing on:

  • Healthy and safety
  • Academic curriculum
  • Academic services
  • Student life
  • Infrastructure
  • Human Resources, compliance and communication

The work has been guided by these core principles:

  1. Decrease health and safety risks for our community members to the greatest extent possible 
  2. Fulfill our mission by providing an optimal educational experience for all students 
  3. Adhere to all national and state executive orders, CDC guidelines and other policies to which Hood, as a private institution in the State of Maryland, is subject
  • Andrea Chapdelaine, president
  • Ashley Anderson, registrar
  • William Bekanich '22
  • Kevin Bennett, professor of chemistry
  • Phil Bowers '83, Board of Trustees
  • Bill Brown, vice president for enrollment management
  • Paige Eager, professor of political science
  • Nancy Gillece '81, vice president for institutional advancement 
  • David Gurzick, M.S.'03 associate professor of management
  • Taylor Hahn, graduate student
  • Jay Harrison, associate professor of history
  • Mark Friis, M.A.'82, vice chair, Board of Trustees
  • Chuck Mann, vice president for finance and treasurer
  • Maria Meck '22
  • Judy Messina '66, chair, Board of Trustees
  • Iqra Rafiq '21
  • Phil Renaud, M.S.'83, Board of Trustees
  • Debbie Ricker, vice president for academic affairs and provost
  • Ivana Shuck '16, graduate student
  • Laurie Ward, vice president for marketing and communications
  • Olivia White, vice president for student life and dean of students
  • Diane Wise, executive assistant to the president 

Healthy and Safety

  • Teresa Cevallos (co-chair), director of wellness
  • Dana Gue (co-chair), housekeeping supervisor
  • Jennie Bowker, athletic trainer
  • Ann Boyd, professor of biology
  • Aaron Lee Delph '21
  • Thurman Maynard, chief and director of campus safety
  • LaShawn Taylor, area coordinator
  • Sandra Thomas-Lalmansingh, assistant professor of nursing
  • Meg Timmons, human resources
  • Craig Zeigler, director of facilities

Academic Curriculum

  • Ashley Anderson, registrar
  • Kevin Bennett, professor of chemistry
  • April Boulton, dean of the Graduate School
  • Ross Conover, director, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Paige Eager, professor of political science
  • Jay Harrison, associate professor of history
  • Bill Hobbs, chief information officer
  • Linda Kennedy, assistant professor of nursing 
  • Sue Kolb, athletic director
  • Heather Mitchell-Buck, associate professor of English
  • Erika Moyer, athletics
  • Iqra Rafiq '21
  • Debbie Ricker, vice president for academic affairs and provost
  • Ivana Shuck '16
  • Marisel Torres-Crespo, associate professor education
  • Hamp Tisdale, Board of Trustees
  • Jeff Welsh, information technology
  • Tanya Williams, institutional research and assessment 

Academic Services

  • Lisa Littlefied (co-chair), dean
  • Jennifer Schum (co-chair), dean
  • Chip Ali, information technology
  • Nikki Bamonti '00, director of undergraduate admission
  • Meg DePanise '15, MBA'20, marketing and communications manager
  • Kate Gmeur, accessibility services 
  • Taylor Hahn, graduate student
  • Traci Holland, registrar's office
  • Maria Meck '22
  • Jack Mehl, head coach, women's basketball
  • Toby Peterson, director of the library
  • Tim Pollock, accounting services
  • Ted Oh, PDSO
  • Melena Verity, director of financial aid

Student Life

  • Sue Kolb (co-chair), athletic director
  • Willie Ollie (co-chair), captain and assistant director of campus safety
  • Kandyce Baker, Area Coordinator
  • Gabriella Basile '20
  • Lily Bean '21, SGA President
  • Billy Bekanich '22
  • John Bragel, director of dining services
  • Domota Byrd '22, Orientation Coordinator
  • Sue Carney, associate professor of biology
  • Jennifer Cooper, assistant professor of nursing
  • Anna Eyler '21
  • Melanie Eyler, assistant to the dean of students
  • Tonya Finton, Board of Trustees
  • Ed Fogle, assistant director of facilities
  • Doreen Jarvis, campus safety
  • Erika Moyer, athletics
  • Beth O'Malley, chaplain
  • Iqra Rafiq '21
  • Jane Super, information technology
  • Matt Troutman, director of residence life


  • Bill Hobbs (co-chair), chief information officer 
  • Craig Zeigler (co-chair), director of facilities  
  • Chuck Mann, vice president of finance and treasurer 
  • Phil Bowers '83, Board of Trustees 
  • John Bragel, director of dining services 
  • Lovetta Corson-Morgan, director of auxiliary services 
  • Chad Dickman, head coach, men’s basketball 
  • Bryan Errera, director of print and mailing service 
  • Thurmond Maynard, director and chief of campus safety 
  • Vanessa Roberts, senior employment coordinator 
  • Hans Wagner, biology department lab manager and chemical safety officer 
  • Jeff Whipp, associate director of platforms 

Human Resources, Compliance and Communication

  • Rowela Silvestre (co-chair), risk manager
  • Carol Wuenschel (co-chair), director of human resources
  • Larbi Bricha, information technology
  • Thomas Chatfield, associate athletic trainer, women's golf coach
  • Jennifer Cooper, assistant professor of nursing
  • Ross Conover, director of institutional research and assessment
  • Kerri Eyler, academic support
  • Christy Graybeal, associate professor of education and mathematics
  • Conor Prachar, women's soccer coach
  • Phil Renaud, M.S.'83, Board of Trustees
  • Emily VanderWoude, director of leadership giving
  • Laurie Ward, vice president for marketing and communications
  • Denise Watkins, accounting services