Undergraduate Application for Graduation

This form is required of all students completing bachelor's degrees. All graduation candidates' names are presented to the faculty and board of trustees for approval several months before for each conferral date (January, June, and September), therefore adherence to submission deadlines is essential. Conferral of degrees happens on the following dates: September 15th (after the Summer semesters), January 15th (after the Fall semester), and June 15th (after the Spring semester). There is one commencement ceremony each year in May that all students who completed their degrees during that academic year are welcome to attend.

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Commencement Information

Will you participate in commencement exercises? There is only one commencement in May every year. Students who graduate in September or January will participate in the commencement exercises following their graduation.
Please also provide your phonetic pronunciation of your name (only if it is difficult to pronounce)