Funding Your Education

The Graduate School at Hood College offers a great education with affordable tuition and a number of ways to pay for graduate coursework. 

Employer Payment Plans

Many employers offer education reimbursement programs that may pay for some or all of an employee's tuition. Information about those programs is generally available through employer's Human Resources office.

Hood College has developed a special graduate tuition discount program with its Frederick county neighbors as part of the NeighborHOOD partners program.

Hood College has also developed special payment plans with two school districts.

  • Teachers and staff in the Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) may be eligible for the Direct Payment Tuition Plan.
  • Teachers in the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Hood pursuing the Educational Leadership cohort program may take advantage of the special MCPS Plan. 

Graduate and Teaching Assistantships 

Hood College offers a number of graduate and teaching assistantships (GAs and TAs, respectively) that provide tuition and/or stipends in exchange for teaching, research, coaching or other assistance. Such assistantships provide full or partial tuition remission and are available in academics, athletics and student life. More information regarding Graduate Assistantships can be found below. 


  • Alumni of the Last Three Years (ALTY) Scholarship Recent Hood alums, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in the last three years, are welcomed back to campus (or online) to pursue a graduate degree. ALTY scholars will benefit from the following: last three credits at no cost, undergraduate credits applied to master's degrees (based on major and grad degree), expedited admission decision for recent alumni, priority consideration for TA/GA positions, and more. To learn more about the ALTY program, email  
  • The Association of Medical Diagnostics Manufacturers Scholarship The AMDM provides annual scholarships in the area of Regulatory Compliance for Hood College students. The funds are intended to assist students in need of financial support for their education and to contribute to the quality of future regulatory affairs professionals. 
  • The Biomedical Science Alumni Graduate Scholarship Established in 2019 by Ann L. Boyd, professor of biology, and supported by alumni of the biomedical science program, the scholarship shall be awarded annually to a graduate student enrolled in the program who works full-time, has completed at least 12 credits of coursework, and has a minimum GPA of 3.3, to assist with the cost of two academic classes per year.
  • The Ceramic Arts & Technology Graduate Scholarship Established in 2013 by ceramics instructor Philip Berneburg, the scholarship fund shall be used to assist with student costs associated with taking graduate-level ceramic arts classes.
  • The Community Foundation of Frederick County is committed to helping students who are pursuing a post-secondary education. Some scholarships are available to those enrolled or planning to enroll in graduate programs. To be considered for Community Foundation scholarships, applicants must complete the online application. Applications are generally due during the month of March each year. Visit their site for exact deadlines and requirements
  • The Ifeoluwa O. Popoola M.S.’16 Scholarship Established in 2017 by Ifeoluwa O. Popoola M.S.’16, the scholarship is awarded annually to an international graduate student who exhibits academic excellence and financial need, and is enrolled full-time in the computer science and information technology graduate program.
  • HRSA Scholarship for Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. If you are interested in working with marginalized communities, explore our HRSA Scholarship, which promotes diversity of licensed counselors in under-served regions of the country. This opportunity is generously funded by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  To learn more, simply select the option that indicates you are interested in applying for the HRSA Scholarship on the online application for admission to our clinical mental health program. Your complete application is not a guarantee of funding.
  • Hodson Trust Scholarships for Children of Former Beneficial Employees Children of former full-time Beneficial employees, with two or more years of service with Beneficial Corporation and its subsidiaries immediately prior to June 30, 1998 are potential candidates for these full-tuition scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study at Hood College. All scholarship recipients must be enrolled on a full-time basis
  • The Philip Renauld II M.S.'83 Scholarship Established in 2016 by Philip S. Renaud II M.S.’83, the scholarship shall be awarded annually to undergraduate students with financial need majoring in business administration or accounting, and to graduate students with financial need in the Master of Business Administration program.
  • The Sally Oros Graduate Counseling-Thanatology Scholarship Established in 2019, Hood College shall award a scholarship each semester (fall and spring) to cover a minimum of one course credit for a female graduate student enrolled in either the Counseling (clinical or school) graduate program, or pursuing a graduate certificate in Thanatology. The student must have a 3.3 or higher Hood GPA, and the scholarship may be awarded to a different student each academic year.
  • Dr. Mary F. Kearney '96 and Dr. Ann L. Boyd STEM Scholarship is awarded to a female graduate student who exhibits academic excellence and financial need; and is enrolled in a STEM related graduate program
  • Students residing in Maryland may be eligible for state awarded scholarships
  • Sallie Mae offers a free Graduate School Scholarships search service

External Grants

Federal Loans

To apply for a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Graduate Loan (up to $20,500 maximum eligibility):

You may also choose to apply for a Private Alternative Education Loan.

* Please note that graduate certificate programs are eligible for loans.

For more information about financing your graduate studies, please contact the Hood College Office of Financial Aid at

Payment plan

Hood College offers families the option of paying tuition bills over a four or five month period covering one semester. Please view the instructions on how to sign up for the Payment Plan by clicking here.

Paying your tuition over a period of months allows you to avoid paying in one lump sum and prevents late fees from being applied to your student account. This monthly payment plan is administered by Nelnet Business Solutions and there is a nonrefundable application fee of $30 to participate in the plan. Payments will be made by debiting your checking or savings account or by credit card. For detailed information regarding the Hood College Monthly Payment Plan, including last day to enroll and the date the payments will be processed, please visit All registrations will be done online at Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a payment plan option for the summer sessions.

Please contact the accounting office at 301-696-3621 with any questions or concerns.

Tuition Prepayment Plan

Hood College offers a prepayment plan to students and parents who would like to lock-in the current tuition rate, thus guaranteeing savings by avoiding future rate increases. This plan is available to full-time undergraduate students who are not receiving need-based financial aid, and covers tuition and the comprehensive fee. Room, board and other fees cannot be prepaid and will be charged each semester at the prevailing rate.

To qualify for the prepayment plan, a lump sum payment for a two-, three- or four-year period must be made by August 1 for students entering in the fall semester and January 1 for students entering in the spring semester. A prepayment account will be established with automatic payments to the student’s account each semester. If the student withdraws from the College, a refund of the tuition and comprehensive fee for the current term will be made in accordance with the standard refund policy. Any prepaid funds for future years will be fully refunded. Students taking an official leave of absence of one year or less may either: continue participation in the prepayment plan as long as the unused prepayment amount remains deposited with the College, or cancel the prepayment plan and request a refund of the prepaid funds. If the leave of absence exceeds one year, the College will automatically cancel the prepayment plan and issue a refund of any prepaid amounts. Under no circumstances will the College pay interest on any portion of the deposited funds.

For more information regarding Hood College's tuition payment policies, please visit Accounting Services.

Graduate assistantships provide new and continuing students an opportunity to finance their graduate education, to pursue professional experience and to engage in the life of Hood College. These positions have a research, student life or administrative support component.

Assistantships are competitive positions and are open to degree-seeking graduate students. Students may apply for these positions for the fall semester. Some positions may become available in the spring semester. Students are encouraged to contact the individual programs, departments and offices directly regarding questions about the positions. (The Graduate School does not have this specific information.) Hiring supervisors will directly contact selected applicants to schedule an interview.

The following departments offer graduate assistantships:

Teaching assistantships provide new and continuing students an opportunity to finance their graduate education, to pursue professional experience and to engage in the life of Hood College. These positions specifically have an instruction component in the content area of the enrolled student.  Additionally, Spanish assistantships are designed for native speakers of Spanish to assist with language program activities. Language assistants are recruited by the faculty in the department of global languages and cultures. As part of the award, the assistants live in the Spanish House near campus.

To be eligible, all students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Due to the increased responsibilities, Global language TAs must maintain a 3.5 GPA for the global languages positions.

Assistantships are competitive positions and are open to degree-seeking graduate students. Students may apply for these positions for the fall semester. Some positions may become available in the spring semester. Students are encouraged to contact the individual programs, departments and offices directly regarding questions about the positions. (The Graduate School office does not have this specific information.) Hiring supervisors will directly contact selected applicants to schedule an interview.

The following departments offer teaching assistantships:

​​​​​​On-campus employment is available for domestic and F1 graduate students. Examples include jobs in the Bookstore, Dining/Catering Services, Facilities, Student Services (CAAR), and the Library.  Opportunities can be found online through the Career Center’s free Handshake platform:

FCPS Direct Payment Program

Qualified Frederick County Public School (FCPS) employees are now able to take advantage of a financially friendly Direct Payment Program when enrolling in graduate courses at Hood College.

Developed collaboratively by Hood’s graduate school and FCPS, the Direct Pay eliminates paying tuition up front when registering for courses and then filing for reimbursement at the end of the semester. In most cases, the only out-of-pocket expenses approved FCPS employees pay are the comprehensive and lab fees.

Step One: Qualify

Submit the course request and tuition eligibility forms to the FCPS Human Resources office for approval.

Step Two: Register

Once approved, register for class(es) at Hood.

Step Three: Pay fees

Hood will invoice FCPS employees for any expenses beyond FCPS’ allowable reimbursement amount. Students who qualify for full tuition coverage from FCPS may pay as little as $115.

Step Four: Complete the course

Once students successfully complete the course(s) with a grade of “C” or better, FCPS and Hood reconcile tuition payments. Hood then sends FCPS the transcripts and sends students their course grades.


Student Accounts Manager & Accountant: Shauwney Anderson
Phone: 301-696-3621

FCPS Coordinator/ Human Resources: Sarah Ianacone
Phone: 301-644-5110


Hood College offers both the master of science degree and certification preparation program in Educational Leadership as a cohort through Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). Through the cohort, students begin and end the program as a closed learning community. Courses are held at MCPS locations and taught by current and former MCPS administrators.

The cohort program is offered in a prescribed accelerated format, offering one to two courses per term during eight-week periods. Students in the master”s degree program complete in three years, and students in the 18-credit certification program complete in two years. To simplify the enrollment process, students enrolled in the cohort program are automatically registered for the required coursework each semester.

The Hood College cohort program participates in what is known as MCPS Direct Pay. Each year, MCPS establishes a county-wide tuition rate, which historically approximates the Hood graduate tuition rate. Hood College bills MCPS cohort students at the beginning of each term for any tuition not covered by the MCPS tuition rate. MCPS then pays the county-wide tuition rate to Hood College upon the student’s successful completion of the coursework with a grade of B or higher. The out-of-pocket expense, if any, for MCPS cohort students is minimal. In addition, because courses are offered off campus, cohort students are waived from the comprehensive fee.

MCPS also offers tuition reimbursement for students who are not part of the Hood College Educational Leadership cohort program. Please check with your human resources department for additional information/eligibility requirements.

Visit the Educational Leadership page for more information about the program.


Director of Graduate Admissions: Tanith Fowler Corsi
Phone: 301-696-3603

Program Director: Daniel Shea
Phone: 301-696-3766

MCPS Coordinator: Sydney K. Pinkard

Hood College does not offer graduate students housing on campus.  However, the local Frederick area offers a number of rental options. Finding the right fit for you will take some research. Local newspaper classified ads and website listings may be good places to begin your search. The following are some examples of websites which may be helpful:

In addition, there are some nearby apartment complexes which may warrant consideration:

Those with an asterisk(*) indicates they accept I-20 as evidence for financial backing for international students.

Note that the information in this message is provided as a convenience to students strictly as an informational service. Hood College has not inspected or approved any of the listings for fire, heat, and/or safety conditions and makes no warranties or representations concerning these items. Tenants assume full responsibility for location, condition, and contractual terms of their off-campus rentals. Hood College operates under the assumption that landlords and rental agencies conduct business within the guidelines of the law. All contractual agreements are between students and the landlords or agents.

Hood College Dining Services
Hood College Dining Services offers grab-and-go items or meal plans to fit your unique needs at three locations on campus. Whether it’s a full meal or just a snack, you can enjoy options that include healthy and necessary dietary restricted choices offered throughout the day. You can pre-pay and load meals on your Hood student ID card to utilize as needed. Hood faculty and students get a discount on campus dining services.

For locations, hours and menus, click here:

For meal plan options, click here:

Local Dining 
There are many diverse local dining options in downtown Frederick and surrounding area located just minutes away from campus. Below is a sample of some local dining options available to you.

A Asian Restaurant 

Ayse Meze Lounge (Mediterranean)

Brewer's Alley (American)

Cacique Restaurant (Spanish / Mexican)

Callahan's Restaurant (American)

China Garden

Clay Oven (Indian)

Firestone's (American)

Greek Aroma

Hunan Gourmet

Kittiwat Thai Kitchen

Isabella's (Spanish)

La Paz Mexican Restaurant

Lucky Corner (Vietnamese)

Mayta's Peruvian Cuisine

Orchard Restaurant (American Vegan)

Pho Basil (Vietnamese)

Sabor De Cuba

Sumittra Thai Cuisine

That Hummus Place (Middle Eastern)

Tulip Grill (Pakistani)