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Graduate Study & Research Abroad

Studies show that employers value international experience and view time abroad as a platform to develop valuable skills like tolerance, cross-cultural communication and adaptability.

Companies that operate over international boundaries especially favor an ability to connect with different cultures and help them expand their global reach.

    Participating in study and research abroad programs is a great way for Hood graduate students to expand their resume and enhance their career opportunities.

    It provides graduate students with the opportunity to learn about an academic topic they are currently studying, but from the perspective of a different country and culture, and potentially learn subject matter that may vary greatly from what they study at their home institution.

    The Graduate School at Hood College is currently exploring strategic study/research abroad opportunities to enhance its graduate students’ education and complement its program’s curricular goals.

    Hood College graduate students are invited to take part in a faculty-led study abroad program taking place in Barcelona and Tarragona, Spain from May 19 - 31, 2020.

    This 12-day study abroad program entitled "Migration, Refugees & Tourism" will focus on the experiences of immigrants and refugees in Spain. The program addresses perspectives related to uprooting, displacement, resettlement, and adaptation. The course will also critically rethink global tourism, while learning about alternative projects to welcome visitors, while protecting the local social tissue.  
    Learning Objectives: 
    By the end of this course, students will be able to:

    • Define the concepts guiding human mobility
    • Build the ability to discuss causes, trends and patterns of movement, migration, tourism, and the politics of how we portray and manage these concepts.
    • Identify the ways tourism impacts metropolitan and rural areas
    • Analyze power dynamics from the micro-level to the macro-level with contemporary migration issues and practice.
    • Improve the ability to communicate (in Spanish and English) at a high register through discussion of guest lectures, field trips, films, documentaries, secondary readings, and culture.
    • Collaborate and work in a group setting, where each student will contribute to the learning and well-being of the others.
    • Gain self-confidence by adapting to a new culture. 

    Graduate students can choose to either audit the overseas program course (not-for-credit) or take the course for 3 credits of HUM 575 (independent study).

    For additional program details, please contact Prof. Michelle Gricus and Prof. Robert Casas, program co-directors.

    Application deadline: March 13, 2020

    Ready to apply? Complete & return the following materials to

    The Graduate School at Hood College is exploring the following types of study/research abroad opportunities that will enhance its graduate students’ education and complement its program’s curricular goals.

    • Short-term faculty-led study/research programs offered during the summer and academic breaks
    • Summer overseas residency programs
    • Longer approved study/research opportunities at overseas partner institutions
    • International internships and field research at overseas partner institutions/organizations

    Hood graduate study/research abroad available areas of study will include, but are not limited to:

    Clinical Mental Health
    School Counseling

    Doctorate of Organizational Leadership
    Doctorate of Business Administration

    Curriculum & Instruction
    Multidisciplinary Studies in Education

    Center for Coastal & Watershed Studies

    Humanities (cross-listed with Languages and Social Work)
    Migration, Refugees & Tourism in Spain (click on the tab above for detailed program information)

    Masters of Fine Arts (coming soon)
    Prague Summer Program for Writers

    Coming soon!

    Coming soon!


    Tanith Fowler Corsi | Hood Graduate School
    (301) 696-3603

    Hood College Undergraduate Study Abroad
    Dr. Scott Pincikowski
    (301) 696-3475

    Hood undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying/researching abroad may apply for a Sue Whaley scholarship.

    Students who are awarded a Sue Whaley scholarship, are typically awarded $500 for short-term program and $1,500 for a semester/year long program. Please note that funds are limited so not all students who apply are awarded scholarships.

    For more info or to apply for a Sue Whaley study abroad scholarship, click here.

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