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Secondary Education Certification

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About this Program

To obtain Maryland teaching certification at the secondary level, grades 7-12, undergraduate students major in one of the following academic fields: art (preK-12), biology, chemistry, English, French (preK-12), history, mathematics or Spanish (preK-12).

Program Overview

Post-baccalaureate students must have or take the requisite content coursework for the desired certification area. Three phases comprise the teacher certification program in secondary education, each of which has specific course requirements and field experiences based on the content area standards, the Maryland State Department's "Redesign of Teacher Education", InTASC Standards.

Requirements for the Secondary Education Program

  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree at Hood that includes Core requirements or completion of a liberal arts or science baccalaureate at another accredited institution.
  • Completion of a major at Hood, or at another accredited institution, in one of the academic fields in which Hood offers secondary teacher certification. (Students from other institutions with related majors such as zoology, environmental science, journalism, etc., must present courses that are equivalent to all courses required for the Hood major in the discipline in which the student is pursuing teacher certification.) Additional content-area coursework may be required of post-baccalaureate candidates to ensure compliance with professional standards.
  • Completion of additional general education requirement courses as specified by each department at Hood. (For example, biology majors must also take PHYS 101 or PHYS 203, and English majors must also take specified communication arts courses.)

Post-baccalaureate teacher certification candidates must pass Praxis Core or MSDE accepted equivalent (e.g., SAT, ACT) as a prerequisite for admission into EDUC 204.

NOTE: Prior to enrolling in EDUC 204, the student must have a conference with the coordinator of secondary education.

Program Contact

Assistant Professor of Education, Coordinator, Secondary Education Program


Degrees Offered

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Christy Graybeal

Christy Graybeal

  • Professor of Education and Mathematics
  • Department Chair of Education
Rebecca Grove

Rebecca Grove

  • Assistant Professor of Education
  • Coordinator, Secondary Education Program
  • Program Director, Master's in Multidisciplinary Studies in Education

Suzanne E. Hiller

  • Assistant Professor of Education
  • Program Director, Master's in Multidisciplinary Studies in Education