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The Graduation Guarantee

Graduate in four years. Guaranteed.

Nationally, more than 50 percent of undergraduate students take five years or more to earn a bachelor’s degree, greatly adding to the cost of their college educations. These unnecessary costs can be avoided when students graduate in four years or less. Hood guarantees its students can, provided they adhere to certain stipulations.

Why does Hood College make this promise?

Hood College is dedicated to providing an affordable college education. One way to dramatically cut the cost of a college degree is to finish in four years. When courses students need to graduate aren’t available, it can extend the time it takes students to fulfill their degree requirements. Hood, however, is committed to providing the courses students need when they need them; if Hood can’t meet this promise, the tuition for the additional courses needed to graduate will be waived.

How it works.

All incoming first-year undergraduate students entering in the fall 2014 and after are included in this program, which ensures their ability to graduate in four years provided they adhere to specific stipulations. If any student is unable to graduate on time and has met the requirements below, Hood College will waive the additional tuition costs (minus any state and federal aid for which the student qualifies) until the course work for their declared major has been completed. The stipulations for the guarantee include:

  • Students must be formally accepted into their chosen major no later than midterm of the second semester of their sophomore year, follow the course sequence prescribed by the major department, and maintain that major's required academic progression and skills requirements. Note: Some majors require fulfillment of prerequisites before acceptance into the major
  • Students may change their intended major, as long as the adviser and student agree to a written plan, based on the Degree Progress Report at the time of the change of major, to ensure the course sequence prescribed by the major department can be completed within the initial timeline to graduation. NOTE: For some majors, this may not be possible;
  • Students must maintain full-time enrolled status all four years and complete an average of 31 credits hours each academic year spent at Hood College to meet the 124-credit minimum required for graduation (including credits earned during the summer);
  • Developmental courses (e.g. MATH 098, MATH 099, ENGL 099) are not counted toward the 124-credit minimum required for graduation. Students who place at the developmental level in mathematics or English may need additional time to graduate.
  • Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade-point average and the required grade or grade-point average in all courses in the intended major;
  • Students must not withdraw from or fail a class;
  • Students must meet with their faculty adviser each semester prior to the registration period;
  • Students must forgo “convenience” class scheduling (only Tuesday-Thursday classes for example); and
  • Students are encouraged to study abroad and engage in semester long off-campus academic or other credited experiences but must remain on track for graduation by fulfilling equivalent requirements as approved by the advisor.

This guarantee program is designed for those who want to complete their degree program as quickly as possible. It is not meant to dissuade students from benefiting from all that Hood has to offer. Hood encourages and supports the many Hood students who explore various majors, add minors and concentrations to their major, or even double major. Occasionally, however, these student-made decisions may lead to additional time needed to complete a Hood degree.