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Hood College Guest Registration

Thank you for registering your guest. Questions? Please email

  • Event:
  • Hood student first name:
  • Hood student last name:
  • Hood student ID:
  • Hood student cell phone:  
  • I am the host of the following guest. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my guest’s actions, ensuring that they comply with the Hood College Code of Student Conduct, and will escort them on campus at all times including at the event and outside of this event. I understand that if I violate this policy I could lose my guest privileges at future events.
  • Guest first name:
  • Guest last name:
  • Birthday:
  • Guest cell phone number:  
  • *Guest will need to produce a Drivers License, State Issued ID, or valid college ID to gain entrance to the dance.
  • Guest Responsibility Policy


  • I am a guest of the above Hood College Student. I agree to abide by all Hood College guest regulations. I understand that I need to be escorted by my Hood College Host at all times, including at the event, and outside of the event. I also understand that if I violate the Hood College Guest Policy I may be asked to leave the event and campus.