For Faculty & Staff

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Employees who are approved to return to work back to campus will receive instructions from Human Resources regarding expectations. A "Return to Campus" online meeting will be held on June 5 to give employees an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Employees are highly encouraged to refer to the following resources:

How to Protect Yourself using “A.W.A.R.E.”

COVID-19 Symptoms

How to Use a Mask

Social Distancing


 What to Do if You Are Sick

UPDATED: All events through Summer I (July3) are canceled. A decision about Summer II will be announced by May 15.

At this point, we have only officially canceled events through March 29. If you have an event, scheduled for after March 29, that you believe will need to be canceled, please consult your vice president. Remember if any of these event cancellations need to be communicated through our list servs, please reach out to We will consolidate such lists in our communications.

UPDATED: In compliance with the Governor's March 30 stay-at-home executive order, all non-essential staff should continue to work from home until further notice.

The President has authorized a telework option for all employees who are concerned about working in the office, who have symptoms, or who must care for children unable to attend school due to COVID-19 related closings.  Such an option can only be implemented with the approval of one’s supervisor. More information for supervisors is forthcoming. This option is available Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27, and will be reviewed for an extension if needed.  

Off campus access:  301-696-3444

  • You will be prompted to enter your extension and then press #
  • Enter your password and then press #
  • A series of menu options will then be given to you:
    • press 3 to LISTEN to your messages
    • press 1 to RECORD a message
    • press 8 to change your ANSWERING options
    • press 9 to change your MAILBOX options

Yes. Particularly given students’ physical absence from campus, faculty should continue to issue academic alerts through Self-Service to students, using language of concern and encouragement. Multiple alerts will be reviewed and triaged by the Students of Concern Committee. Additionally, Lisa Copenhaver ( and Gretchen Nonemaker ( are available to meet with students by phone or videoconference on time management, study skills, organization and motivation, and to develop a personal academic success plan.

For a close-knit community like Hood, we recognize that being apart from one another is challenging, not just in terms of work but also the social interaction we all enjoy. We encourage you to stay in touch with your co-workers, colleagues and campus friends. Text one another. Share photos of your new, temporary workspaces on social media. The marketing and communications office is looking for some uplifting content that keeps all of us, and especially the students, feeling connected to each other and to Hood that can be posted on the College’s social media channels. Feel free to reach out to Meg DePanise at with ideas.

Members of the emergency response team have crated a subcommittee to plan community engagement activities. You can view the monthly calendar here.