The Academic Experience

For the start of the semester

  • The spring semester will be on campus and in person, making allowances for students or faulty in quarantine and isolation (Q/I).
  • As in the fall, faculty have been asked to teach in a fashion that is bimodal or can be recorded for students unable to be in class due to being in Q/I. Faculty may need to teach fully via Zoom if they are in Q/I.
  • Bimodal or on-line class accommodations are not a long-term alternative and only should be utilized for excused, medical absences.
  • For the first week, we are asking faculty to teach their classes either in a bimodal fashion or to record their classes to accommodate students who may be in Q/I. If you have to be in Q/I, we ask that you teach your course synchronously online if possible.

Hood College remains fully committed to supporting students and faculty and delivering a quality education to every undergraduate and graduate student.

Course Delivery
All courses will resume their pre-pandemic formats. All undergraduate classes will be delivered on campus as per the day, time and room assignment posted in the course schedule. Similarly, all graduate classes will resume either on campus or online delivery as per the course format designation and graduate school guidelines.

Course materials will be available through Blackboard.

Student Services
Both on campus and online tutoring support wil be available in the Learning Commons. Faculty office hours and advising appointments may be available either on campus or online.

Internships, Field Work, Practicum, Undergraduate/Graduate Research, Service Learning
All high-impact applied learning experiences will resume following the health and safety guidelines outlined in the spring 2022 plan. Off-campus experiences may also resume. While the risk of a vaccinated individual contracting COVID-19 is very low, we will continue requiring any student completing a for-credit internship this fall to submit a signed “Statement of Risk” form available through the Center for Career Development and Experiential Education. Students should also familiarize themselves and comply with all COVID-19 protocols of their host site. 

The vaccination exemption provided to students by Hood College (for medical reasons or sincerely held religious or spiritual beliefs) is not transferrable. Host sites may impose vaccination requirements or other protocols that students must follow in order to complete their experience at that site.

Study Abroad may also resume as per the guidelines presented by the study abroad coordinator.

Student Support
The OnlineSuccess Toolkitwill continue to be available to students, and will be updated as needed with new information. The Toolkit contains:

  1. Strategies for success in online learning
  2. Links to specific support offices and services at Hood
  3. Technology training resources and tutorials for Blackboard, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other software platforms