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Mathematics Instructional Leadership, M.S.


The Hood College Mathematics Instructional Leadership program offers a pathway for currently certified teachers to meet the requirements of the Maryland State Department of Education Mathematics Instructional Leadership endorsement in either grades PreK-6 or grades 4-9 while also earning a master’s degree.


Mathematics Instructional Leaders need mathematical content knowledge and skills, pedagogical knowledge and skills, and leadership knowledge and skills. Through coursework in mathematics, education, and leadership the program provides all this and more.

Preparation for the Future

Maryland’s adoption of the Mathematics Instructional Leadership endorsement is aligned with a nationwide movement and professional organizations advocate that every elementary school have access to a mathematics leader. Thus, it is likely that the need for Mathematics Instructional Leaders will grow in the coming years.


Two concentrations (Grades PreK-6 or Grades 4-9) ensure applicability. Evening and summer courses accommodate working teachers. Many program courses are offered partially online. Courses may be taken in a variety of sequences.

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Program Director:
Christy Graybeal, Ph.D.



Graduate School Assistant Director:
Jan Steven Marcus