Virtual Computing Lab

Virtual Computing Lab

Hood College's Information Technology Department is proud to announce the limited release of the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) for the Hood College academic community. Currently, VCL is targeted only for specific classes with specialized software. VCL is configured on a cloud computing platform using software developed jointly by North Caroline State University and IBM. This service is powered by the Apache Software Foundation's Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) software, enabling access to lab and classroom software remotely through a virtual environment. 

VCL Lab     Log into the Virtual Computer Lab

Current Applications Available

•  ArcGIS 10.3
•  Geometer's Sketchpad 5
•  Maple 2016
•  Minitab 17
•  SPSS 23
•  CentOS 7
•  GNS3
•  MATLAB R2016a
•  MyEconLab
•  VMWare Player
•  Fedora 23
•  Microsoft Project 2013
•  PyMOL
•  WinEdit and MikTex
•  FTK 5.0
•  Java & SQL Express
•  Microsoft Visio 2013
•  R 3.3 and R Studio

Operating Instructions (abreviated)

  1. Connect to the VCL reservation website with your browser at ""
  2. Select your Domain and click "proceed".(Pergola for Students, Hood for faculty/staff)
  3. Enter your network user account and password, then click "Login" (do not include as part of your username)
  4. Click the Reservations tab on the left, then click “New Reservation”
  5. Select an application session from the drop down menu then click “Create Reservation”
  6. When the session is ready, a “Connect” button will appear. Click “Connect”
  7. Make a note of the Remote Computer, ID and Password
  8. Click "Get RDP File" and then "Open" that file, if it does not open automatically. You can also enter the information into your RDP client
  9. Your RDP client will open and a Windows login box will appear repopulated with your user name. Enter the VCL password previously provided. A virtual desktop will appear.
  10. When finished with your VCL session, close your RDP application.
  11. Remember to logout of the VCL reservation website

Operating Instructions (full)

•  For full step-by-step instructions, please download this tutorial PDF:  VCL User Instructions

Client Software Required:

•  Windows: Remote Desktop Connect (RDP) software (built into Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.x operating systems)
NOTE: When viewing VCL with Internet Explorer 10 or 11, you must use compatibility view.
            - From within IE: "Tools-Compatibility View"
•  Mac:A free RDP application such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 
A paid RDP application such as Jump Desktop, Remoter, etc.
•  iPad/iPhone/Android:An RDP application such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, Jump Desktop, Remoter, etc.