Papercut Client Tool

The PaperCut client tool is a software component that runs on users' workstations and devices.   This client provides services to users that enhance the print tracking experience such as displaying the user's printing credit in real-time, providing a convenient link to open the user web interface, assisting in message delivery such as "printing denied" messages and providing access to advanced features such as the ability to allocate print jobs to shared/group accounts.

Windows Users: The PaperCut Client Tool is not required as Windows natively "talks" with Active Directory which PaperCut bases its authentication. However, Windows users may still wish to install this client in order to obtain the other benefits it has to offer. All Hood lab computers have this client installed.

MAC Users:  The PaperCut Client Tool for Macintosh is required for printing to PaperCut managed printers as it provides authentication (linking up users with their print jobs). It can also provide balance display, print job confirmation, shared account selection and message notification.

Quick steps to install the PaperCut App on your Macintosh

Notes: This app requires Java.  If you are using OS X 10.7 or later, Java is not included in your OS.  Unless you already have Java on your Mac, you will be notified to download & install Java when you begin installing the PaperCut app.  Other items to consider are that you must be logged on to your Mac with Administrator privileges. 

  1. Log into your Mac with administrator access.  This is generally the method you normally log into your Mac.
  2. Connect to the Hood wireless network using your student ID and password
  3. With the Find active, go to the menu bar and choose “Go” 
  4. Select Connect to Server (⌘-K)
  5. Type the server address: smb://terra/student tools/papercutclient in the Server Address text field.
  6. Click Connect.  A login window will appear.
  7. Connect as a Registered User.  Type in your Hood username (ei. abc01) in the format:\abc01 and password.  Press Connect.

  8. In the window that appears, double click mac. 
  9. Double click client-local-install> .
  10. You will be asked to install the PCClient into the Applications Folder.  Click OK
  11. The PaperCut Client will now be installed on your Mac 
  12. The PaperCut Client needs a java runtime.  If you do not have Java installed on your Mac, when you first run "PCClient" on Mac OS X 10.7 or later, you will be asked to install Java.
  13. If the install is successful, you will be asked for your Hood username (ie: abc1) and password.  Enter this information and click "OK".
  14. You will now be logged into PaperCut and may begin printing.

Quick steps to install the PaperCut App on Windows

Note:  This is an optional install.  However, the client does provide an easy method to manage your print quota at Hood.

  1. Log into your PC as you normally would
  2. Connect to the Hood wireless network using your student ID and password
  3. Click the start menu (orb w/microsoft flag) in the lower left corner of your screen 
  4. In the search box, type \\terra and press Enter.  A login screen will appear.
  5. Enter your Hood ID and PW.  You must enter your domain name with your ID (pergola\abc1)
  6. A series of shared folders will appear.  Click on Student Tools
  7. Within Student Tools, click on PaperCutClient
  8. In the window that appears, double click win. 
  9. Double click client-local-install.
  10. You will be informed that the publisher could not be verified.  Click run to install.  You may be asked again for your Hood user ID and PW.
  11. The PC Client program will begin to install.  Accept the License Agreement and press Next
  12. Accept (or set) the destination location for the install and press Next
  13. Select the components you wish to install (either My account only or For all users) and press Next
  14. An install summary page will appear.  Click Install
  15. When the installation has completed, press Finish.  You will be asked to log into PaperCut.  Enter your Hood ID w/o the domain (abc1) and PW.
  16. The app will reside in app tray.