Chalk & Wire

What is Chalk & Wire?

Chalk & Wire is a web-based e-Portfolio management and assessment system that allows students to demonstrate knowledge and competencies. Outcomes are used by instructors and departments to inform program improvements.

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The College will provide Chalk & Wire access for students as required by a course or program.

New Users: Students will automatically receive their account access in Chalk & Wire when uploading their first Chalk & Wire assignment using Blackboard. New users should follow the instructions outlined below under "Student Guide" to activate their Chalk & Wire account. 

Renewal: Expired accounts will automatically be renewed when a student clicks on the assignment link in Blackboard. 

 A code is never required to create a Chalk & Wire account at Hood College. Any issues with creating or accessing an account after you click on the assignment link in Blackboard should be reported to


The college will provide Chalk & Wire access for instructors. 

New Users: An instructor account will be created at the direction of the department or program director. 

Renewal: Expired accounts will be reviewed each semester and renewed as needed. If an account needs renewed, please request assistance at

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Phone: 301-696-3622

Chalk & Wire is supported by the following browsers:

  • Chrome (PC & Mac)
  • Safari (PC & Mac)
  • Firefox 4+ (PC & Mac)
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Chalk & Wire showcases students’ work throughout their academic year in a portable, web-based format that can be taken with them after graduation.
  • At the end of the program, students will have a complete portfolio of critical assignments that document or demonstrate their skills and professional growth.
  • Students are given unlimited web-based storage and can create and design separate portfolios to target a particular type of position or career path and for other purposes.
  • Chalk & Wire provides a platform for faculty to assess individual student performance on course assignments and at the same time demonstrate competencies for program review. 
  • It is a system that allows faculty to evaluate student learning outcomes specific to the academic program.
  • It is designed for program assessment in which faculty members collectively assess student work that is common across a program over time using the same set of criteria or a rubric. Results can be gleaned and aggregated each semester to evaluate program-level learning outcomes or disaggregated by important demographic variables.
  • Chalk & Wire is a powerful data management system that allows the program to conduct assessment of students’ competencies, which are linked to state and national standards and assessment instruments.