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  • Athletes - Verification of Participation in Intercollegiate Sports - This form is used by athletes to waive the PE requirement of the core. Each season played equates to a half credit of waiver toward the PE requirement of 2-3 credits. Please note that these waivers do not grant actual credit toward your graduation total. (Hood College Equestrian Team members may use their seasons for this waiver.)
  • Change of Address  - Address changes should be made through Self Service.  The registrar's office will be notified electronically of the changes and will update the database accordingly.  
  • Change of Undergraduate Major/Graduate Program/Minor/Program Advisor
  • Change of Name
  • CPT Form - Curricular practical training is temporary employment authorization for F-1 visa non-immigrant foreign students in the U.S. while enrolled in a college-level degree program.  Enrollment in internship coursework is required to meet CPT requirements.
  • Declaration of Major or Minor  (Undergraduate)
  • Diploma or Certificate Reprint Request - Alumni who would like a reprint of their diploma and/or certificate (graduate certificate only), can do so by completing this form and submitting the $35 fee.  Reprint orders are submitted to the printing office the 1st and 15th of every month, and may take a few weeks to process and fulfill.
  • Registration & Drop/Add form (Undergraduate/Graduate) - this should only be used if registration in Self Service cannot be done, and/or signatures of instructors and/or advisors are required.
  • Enrollment/Degree Verification
  • FERPA Release of Information
  • Incomplete Request Form- (Undergraduate) This form must be submitted by the last day of classes, signed by instructor and student, and submitted to the registrar's office for processing.
  • Leave of Absence Petition (undergraduate) - undergraduate students who cannot enroll in fall and/or spring semesters, should complete the Leave of Absence petition to remain an active student at Hood College.  Students may be placed on two consecutive Leaves, but must enroll after that or be withdrawn.  Failure to enroll or complete the Leave of Absence form for fall and/or spring semesters will result in withdrawal from the College.
  • OPT Anticipated Graduation Form - students on F1 visas who plan on applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT) after graduation must complete the top portion of this form, submit to the registrar's office for verification, then submit to the Primary Designated School Officer (PDSO) for final approval and processing.
  • Petition to Study Away or Abroad  (Undergraduate)
  • Petition to the Committee on Academic Standards (Undergraduate)
  • Readmission Request (Undergraduate)
  • Transfer Course Request Form (Undergraduate)
  • Undergraduate Non-Degree Application/Registration form - this form is used for those who wish to enroll in undergraduate coursework as non-degree seeking.  A transcript may be required if coursework has prerequisites, which can be emailed to  Students will be emailed once the registration has been processed.
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Degree Enrollment Form - this form is used for students who have indicated plans to pursue the dual programs in Environmental Science (B.A.)/Environmental Biology (M.S.), Biology (B.A.)/Biomedical Science (M.S.),  Biochemistry (B.A.)/Biomedical Science (M.S.) or Computer Science (B.S.)/Information Technology (M.S.).  Enrollment in these dual degree plans allows for up to 9 credits to be taken towards both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.  Students should consult their academic advisors within the Biology department for information.
  • Undergraduate Request for Graduate Coursework Registration - undergraduate students who wish to take graduate level coursework (500 level) for undergraduate or graduate credit, must complete this form, request eligibility check by the registrar's office, and obtain approvals from instructor and advisor.
  • Withdrawal from the College (Undergraduate)
  • Withdrawal from Class (Undergraduate)

For additional graduate student forms and guidelines, click here.

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