Graduate Elective Internship

An internship is an opportunity to complement an academic program with experiential learning in a professional setting. Every internship is different and will provide unique experiences for each student. 

Some graduate programs have internships built into the required coursework.  Others, provide an opportunity to complete an internship to fulfill elective credits. This option is a great way to apply academic content learned in the classroom to the professional work setting.

For students on F1 visas, this is also considered Curricular Practical Training (CPT). For more information about CPT, please visit CPT & OPT Information website or email 

While students may seek out internship opportunities on their own, they are strongly encouraged to work with Career Center staff to locate internship opportunities and resources. Students can email to confirm eligibility to pursue an internship opportunity.

As this process may take 8-12 weeks, it is important for students to allow ample time to work with career counselors to explore opportunities, assist with cover letters and resumes/CVs, and interview practice. For more information, and to make an appointment through Handshake, visit the Career Center website. The Career Center staff have a large database of pre-verified employers to help begin your internship search. Please note: the Career Center staff will not find you an internship or job, but they will provide you with resources to research opportunities.

Deadlines: Students should submit the internship application and offer letter to the registrar's office before the term in which they want to enroll begins. Requests received after that and through the drop/add period of a term, may be reviewed on a time permissible basis.

Time Requirement: A student must work a minimum of 40 hours at the internship site for each credit earned.  

Internship Paperwork

Step 1 - Confirm Eligibility and Application for Internship

Start your eligibility query before you secure an internship position. Most internship courses require the completion of at least 15 credit to be eligible. Review those requirements within the individual course descriptions in the College catalog. While official approval from faculty occurs at the end of the process, you are encouraged to discuss opportunities with your academic advisor and/or program director to ensure you will have support from the department.

Application for Internship – Registrar’s office records that a student has met eligibility requirements and can proceed through the remaining steps. Students should start this process early, and before they have applied to or secured a potential position.

  • Successfully completed one full academic semester of coursework at Hood College in a graduate program. 
  • Student is in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Student has completed the minimum credits required for the graduate program in which they are enrolled.

Step 2 - Pre-verify Employers and Strengthen your CV and Interview Skills

Once you have confirmed your eligibility for an internship, you are encouraged to contact the Career Center to access resources for pre-verified employers.  Obtaining a list of employers the College has established relationships with is your best chance of securing an opportunity.

Step 3 - Securing an Internship Employment Offer

If you receive an offer of employment for an internship,  you must submit the official offer letter and internship application to the registrar's office ( That official employment letter must include the following:

  • Offer should be on company letterhead
  • Details of the internship:
    • Position and responsibilities
    • Location
    • Number of hours expected to work
    • Dates of employment (start and end dates - must be within the terms in which they plan to enroll)
    • Salary, if applicable
    • Employer Human Resource contact name, phone number and email address
    • Site supervisor contact name, phone number and email address
    • Federal EIN Tax ID number

If the offer letter is missing any of this required information, you will be notified to obtain a revised one that does. We will not proceed with the verification and approval process unless and until we have an adequate offer letter. We also will not accept employment offers from temporary employment agencies or third party contractors, recruiting you for a job at another employment site.

Sample Employment Offer Letter Template

Step 4 - Verification of Employer and Opportunity

The Career Center will review the offer of employment, application for internship, and verify the employer as well as the position/opportunity are valid. If you secure a position from an employer that is already confirmed in the Handshake database with the Career Center, the verification process can be quick.  However, if you secure a position with an employer unknown to Hood and/or the Career Center, this verification process may take up to two weeks. You must submit your application for internship and offer letter before the start of the term in which you want to enroll.  This ensures there is enough time to complete all of the steps of this process for enrollment before the drop/add period ends for that term. 

  • If successfully verified, you proceed to Step 5
  • If not successfully verified, career center will notify you, registrar’s office and department faculty.  They may continue to work with you to locate valid employers or opportunities to start the process over.

You are encouraged to review the Career Center's resource on verifying your job offer, so you are informed about inappropriate or scam offers.

Step 5 - Secure a Hood Faculty Instructor

As there are academic components to your internship, you will need to find a Hood faculty member in your department who can serve as instructor for this internship. If they agree, they may provide you with a syllabus detailing required assignments, meetings and learning outcomes.

  • You should provide a copy of your Application for Internship paperwork to the designated faculty AFTER you have received the offer of employment and AFTER the Career Center has signed the form validating the opportunity. 
  • If the faculty member agrees to serve as your internship instructor, they should sign the Application of Internship form or email their approval to 
  • You must also obtain program director approval, if your advisor is not the program director. The program director can sign the Application for Internship form, or email approval to 

Step 6 - Registration

Once steps 1-5 have been completed and all documentation submitted, the registrar's office can process the registration for the internship.  All of this must be completed by the drop/add deadline of the term in which the student plans to enroll.  Once registered, the registrar’s office will provide a copy of the Internship Time Sheet, which the student will use to track hours worked, and obtain the site supervisor’s signature at the completion of the internship. This time sheet should be returned to the Hood faculty internship instructor by the end of the enrolled term to be factored into the final course grade.  

For F1 students- once enrolled, the PDSO will update the student’s SEVIS record and provide the student with an updated I-20. To apply for SSN (Social Security Number), the student will need the updated I-20, Offer letter, valid passport, and a letter of support from the PDSO.