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Ceramics Arts, MFA


The Hood College Graduate School, located in Frederick, MD, offers three ceramic arts post-baccalaureate programs and a wide array of courses and workshops. The 60-credit Masters of Fine Arts degree is the optimal choice for serious, highly committed artists who want to achieve the premier credential in studio arts, academia and the gallery world.

Become a visual communicator through art

Hood’s MFA program prepares students to contribute original knowledge and creativity to the field of ceramics. Courses are designed to guide the artists far beyond the hobbyist stage to the role of visual communicator of ideas, concepts and passion through art. Students explore the subtle nuances and detail of aesthetic expression as they refine the practical application of science and technology in their work, conduct advanced thesis research and prepare for a solo gallery exhibition.

Fuel creative expression under the tutelage of renowned artists

Faculty members are accomplished ceramic artists and well-known specialists in areas such as East Asian coil techniques, structural strength, wheel techniques, large-scale stoneware and porcelain, ceramic engineering, wood firing, exhibition development and public art. Special course topics taught by distinguished guest artists add another dimension of experience and research. Small classes assure personal attention. Outstanding facilities include a kiln pavilion that has five atmospheric kilns: exploratory research, production soda, large-scale sculpture, hybrid gas/soda/wood, and Sanderson ECO wood train.Through study and studio work, and hands-on experience with these kilns, students produce a comprehensive body of work.

Study at your own pace

A variety of class formats accommodates working adults and long-distance commuters: evenings; weekends; and four-day, one-week and two-week intensive courses. The program can be completed in two calendar years with full-time study, or longer on a part-time basis to allow time for other life commitments. Another option is to complete the requirements of an M.A. in ceramic arts, and apply those courses to the longer-range goal of MFA.

Workshops and events

The Hood College Graduate School also offers workshops, studio courses and to events designed to allow ceramic artists, both experienced and aspiring, to gain specialized knowledge in the field. See the 2015 calendar for upcoming opportunities, which may be taken for credit or for noncredit.

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Program Director:
Joyce Michaud, MFA



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