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Graduate Student Research Funds, Scholarships and Awards

Graduate Student Research Funds

Graduate students are eligible to submit funding requests to the Graduate Student Research and Travel Fund. This fund is intended to assist individual graduate students in the pursuit of their research and to help students disseminate their research results at professional meetings.

View the guidelines for student research at Graduate Student Research and Travel Fund. Completion of these forms is required to request research funds:


The Community Foundation of Frederick County is committed to helping students who are pursuing a post-secondary education. Some scholarships are available to those enrolled or planning to enroll in graduate programs. To be considered for Community Foundation scholarships, applicants must complete the online application here. Applications are generally due during the month of March each year. Visit their site for exact deadlines and requirements.

A scholarship created by faculty member Phil Berneburg is awarded annually to a new ceramic arts student pursuing a masters in fine arts degree.

Maryland State residents may be eligible for some scholarships here.


Outstanding Student Awards

Every May, special awards are presented at the Master’s Degree Recipient Reception to the outstanding students in each graduate program. Recipients are chosen from the list of students who graduated in the previous September, January and that May by the faculty in the graduate program. Generous donors have endowed the awards as follows:

Arts and Humanities
Crespi-Hobby Outstanding Ceramic Arts Student Award
Lisa Ann Sullivan, M.A. ’04 Outstanding Humanities Student Award

Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology
Christopher H. Smith, M.S. ’95 Outstanding Environmental Biology Student Award
Carlo and Valerie Bagni Outstanding Biomedical Science Student Award

Jenny E. Nunn, M.S. ’06, C’00 Outstanding Curriculum and Instruction Student Award
Dr. Keith R. Harris, M.S. ’99 Outstanding Educational Leadership Student Award
Antoinette Border ’04, M.S. ’09 Outstanding Mathematics Education Student Award
Virginia Wheeler Jones ’66, M.A. ’88 Outstanding Reading Specialization Student Award

Human Sciences and Thanatology
Craig D. Lebo '84 Outstanding Human Sciences Student Award
Dr. Dana G. Cable Outstanding Thanatology Student Award

Amy Kaufman MacLeod ’08, M.B.A. ’11 Outstanding M.B.A. Student Award

Bryce Blackwood Beauchamp ’84, M.S. ’87, M.B.A. ’06 Outstanding Computer Science Student Award
Stephen R. White Outstanding Management of Information Technology Award
Gary Corsar, M.A. ’09 Outstanding Information Technology Student Award

Graduate School Teaching Excellence Award for Faculty

Each May, the Graduate School presents awards to one full-time faculty and one adjunct professor who were nominated by students for graduate teaching excellence. To nominate a faculty member for this award, please submit the Teaching Excellence Award Nomination Form. Nomination forms must be submitted to the Graduate School by April 15. The Graduate School Teaching Excellence Awards will be presented at the Graduate School Master’s Degree Reception in May.