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Humanities, M.A.


The Hood College Graduate School master's in the Humanities has wide appeal across many professions and among individuals at all stages of life. The flexible interdisciplinary program--offered at the school's campus in Frederick, Maryland--takes a highly individualized approach to further explorations in the fields of art, history, literature, music, philosophy and religion.

Professional advancement, personal enrichment

Recent college graduates find Hood’s humanities program deepens their knowledge before they pursue a more specialized master’s degree. For secondary education teachers, the program affords a stepping stone to career advancement and new inspiration to inspire their students. Second careerists and retirees realize an enriched world view as they delve into new interests and consider new vocations in areas such as public history, curating, archaeology and historic preservation.

Committed faculty

Students work closely with full-time faculty members who specialize in medieval literature, women’s history, European and American music, creative writing, archeology, classical religions and philosophy, African-American studies and many other subjects. These active researchers, writers, scholars and artists share their enthusiasm and expertise in small classes as they guide their students to create connections between academic disciplines.

Customized concentration

The 30-credit, three-stage curriculum, which can be completed in two years, begins with introductory seminars enhanced by guest lecturers. Customizing begins as student and adviser develop an elective course plan that results in a personalized concentration. The final stage is the capstone project, a four-credit experience that involves extensive independent work.

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Program Director:
Corey Campion, Ph.D.



Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions:
Edie Steele