Majors, Minors and Graduate Programs

5-Year Accelerated Degree Program - B.A./M.B.A.

5-Year Dual Degree (B.A./M.S.) Program in Psychology and Counseling

5-Year Dual Degree (B.A./M.S.) Program in Environmental Science

Accounting, Certificate

Accounting Major, B.A.

Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies Major, B.A.

Art and Archaeology Major with Archaeology Concentration, B.A.

Art and Archaeology Major with Art Education Concentration (pre K-12), B.A.

Art and Archaeology Major with Art History Concentration, B.A.

Art and Archaeology Major with Studio Art Concentration, B.A.

Biochemistry Major, B.A.

Bioinformatics, Certificate

Bioinformatics, M.S.

Biology Major, B.A.

Biology Secondary Education Certification

Biomedical Science, M.S.

Business Administration Major, B.A.

Business Administration, M.B.A.

Ceramic Arts, Certificate

Ceramic Arts, M.A.

Ceramic Arts, M.F.A

Chemistry Major, B.A.

Chemistry Secondary Education Certification

Communication Arts Major, B.A.

Computational Science Major, B.S.

Computer Science Major, B.S.

Computer Science, M.S.

Counseling, M.S.

Curriculum and Instruction, M.S.

Cybersecurity, M.S.

Cybersecurity, Certificate

Early Childhood Education Major, B.A.

Economics Major, B.A.

Educational Leadership Program, M.S.

Education, Multidisciplinary Studies, M.S.

Elementary Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) Education, Certificate

Elementary/Special Education Major, B.A.

English Major, B.A.

English Major, B.A. with Creative Writing Concentration

English Major, B.A. with Drama and Theatre Concentration

English Major, B.A. with Literature Concentration

English Secondary Education Certification

Environmental Biology, M.S.

Environmental Science and Policy Major, B.A.

Financial Management, Certificate

French Major, B.A.

French Education Certification

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Environmental Biology, Certificate

German Major, B.A.

Global Studies, B.A.

History Major, B.A. with Optional Public History Concentration

History Major, B.A.

History Secondary Education Certification

Humanities, M.A.

Information Technology, M.S.

Integrated Marketing Communication, B.A.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Behavior, M.A. (formerly Human Sciences)

Latin American Studies Major, B.A.

Law and Criminal Justice Major, B.A.

Management Information Systems, M.S.

Mathematics Education, M.S.

Mathematics Instructional Leadership, M.S.

Mathematics Major, B.A.

Mathematics Secondary Education Certification

Music Major with Music History and Literature Concentration, B.A.

Music Major with Music Performance Concentration, B.A.

Music Major with Piano Pedagogy Concentration, B.A.

Music Performance Certificate

Nursing Major, B.S.N.

Organizational Leadership, D.B.A./D.O.L.

Organizational Management, Certificate

Philosophy Major, B.A.

Piano Pedagogy Certificate

Political Science Major, B.A.

Pre-Professional Preparation

Psychology Major, B.A.

Reading Specialization, M.S.

Religion Major, B.A.

Secondary Education Certification

Secondary Mathematics Education, Certificate

Social Work Major, B.A.

Sociology Major, B.A.

Spanish Major, B.A.

Spanish Education Certification

Thanatology, Certificate