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Biomedical Science M.S.


The Master of Science degree in Biomedical Science is a 33-credit program of graduate research and academic study developed for:

  • Persons holding a bachelor’s degree and currently employed in a biomedical or biotechnological research establishment who are seeking additional academic background as part of a career and professional growth program;
  • Teachers and other professionals with interests in biomedical science who wish to obtain a graduate degree; and
  • Professionals already holding advanced degrees who desire to update or extend their previous academic experiences in biomedical or biotechnological sciences.

Tailored specifically to the demands of the region’s growing hub of life science research employers, the program offers an alternative to conventional graduate education for those who work full time with courses that are thought in the evenings.

Well connected, close to home

Hood’s close proximity to Fort Detrick and the burgeoning biotech corridor make it the convenient choice for the area’s large population of lab and science employees. Strategic location also affords the program strong relationships with top R&D firms, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and nearby federal and private laboratories. In addition to highly qualified full-time faculty, students benefit from the knowledge of adjunct instructors who are leaders at NCI, USAMRIID and other major research organizations.

Meaningful courses

Coursework begins with molecular biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics, after which students select a track in molecular biology or microbiology. Capstone project options include conducting laboratory research at the workplace or writing and defending a mock grant proposal. Classes are small and taught by instructors who know how to connect instruction to the real world.

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