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Fort Detrick Soldiers

Hood College honors the Army tuition benefit of $250 per credit for active duty soldiers stationed at Ft. Detrick interested in a master's degree and/or post-baccalaureate certificate.

Active Duty Fort Detrick Soldiers - interested in furthering your education

Take advantage of the Fort Detrick-Hood College educational partnership, which waives graduate tuition for certificate and master's degrees for active duty military stationed at Fort Detrick. This tuition waiver program honors the Army tuition benefit of $250 per credit, so soldiers only pay for their one-time Hood College application fee ($50), textbooks, and the term comp fee as long as they are Tuition Assistance (TA) eligible.

* Please note: TA MUST be approved by the Fort Detrick Education Office on base prior to the start of the graduate program. The Army allows up to 60 days prior to the graduate program start to have TA approved. TA will NOT be approved once the program start date has begun.

Follow these steps below to take advantage of the Fort Detrick-Hood College educational partnership:

  1. You first need to create an educational goal after you  have researched schools and degree programs.
  2. Once you select an education goal, it will be reviewed and approved by Fort Detrick's Education Services Office Counselor. Once your goal is approved in Armyignited, you can request tuition assistance funds.
  3. Follow these Instructions to request TA (Tuition Assistance) benefits through ArmyIgnited 2.0 (the soldier will need to create an account first). For questions about creating your ArmyIgnited acocunt, please contact Mr. Gordon Nero at Fort Detrick.

If you already have a Master's degree using TA benefits, Hood College will still honor the $250 per credit tuition price (should you choose to pay out of pocket). Also, if you are using your Veteran Educational Benefits (GI Bill or Post 911), you will not be eligible for this TA tuition discount as you can only apply for one or the other.

All  graduate certificate and masters-level tuition is covered under this program, which applies to ~20 master's programs in a variety of fields, like education, biomedical science, bioinformatics, cybersecurity, business, mental-health counseling and beyond! Peruse a list of Hood College graduate programs (degrees and certificates, including in-person, hybrid and online programs).

Contact Information:

  • Detrick/Hood College graduate educational tuition waiver, contact Mr. Gordon Nero, Fort Detrick Education Services Officer and Tanith Fowler Corsi, Hood College Director of Graduate Admission;
  • Veterans and military educational benefits, contact Hood Financial Aid at;
  • Hood College Tuition Assistance (TA) billing, contact, Hood College Student Accounts

Receive additional information or schedule a Hood College visit.


As a general rule, all soldiers qualify for tuition assistance up to a master’s degree.

TA Limits

16 semester hours per fiscal year (Oct 1 - Sept 29)
$250 per semester hour maximum
Certificate – Up to 21 semester hours
Undergraduate – Up to 130 semester hours
Graduate – Up to 39 semester hours

TA Eligibility

Never use TA before = eligible
Used TA before = different rules apply
You can apply for TA up to 60 days before class start date

Once TA eligibility is established, the next step is to activate a GoArmyEd account to determine eligibility.

* For assistance in determining TA eligibility, please contact Mr. Gordon Nero, Education Services Specialist at Fort Detrick, at or call (301) 619-4537.

To learn about Hood College's resources and services available to the Hood military community (including active duty, Veterans, reserves, ROTC, and military dependents), please visit Hood's Military Community webpage or email

Hood College Supports Ft. Detrick Soldiers

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