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Andrea Chapdelaine

One of the very first words you’ll hear at Hood is “hello.” And that’s because we pride ourselves in being a friendly and welcoming campus. This treasured tradition of warm hellos and genuine smiles helps foster the friendly atmosphere that makes Hood home. Hello...and welcome to Hood.

President Chapdelaine
Alumnae Hall

Four Columns

The four Ionic white columns that support Hood’s historic Alumnae Hall -- dedicated by the Classes of 1915, 1916, 1917 and 1918 -- define the spirit and principles of a Hood education. Each column is named for a core value.

  • Hope: To believe that everyone can have a positive impact on the world and that education is instrumental in creating and sustaining hope.
  • Opportunity: To fully use one’s talents and skills to realize professional and personal achievement and to help create and realize opportunities for others.
  • Obligation: To fulfill personal and professional responsibilities with integrity and to be a responsible steward and servant to the betterment of others and this world.
  • Democracy: To embrace diversity, foster freedom of thought and expression, and to promote engaged citizenship both in self and others
graduate mortarboard

90% of graduates

report landing a job or being admitted to grad school within one year of graduation


Frederick Food Security Network event

Maryland's Buy Local Food Challenge

Lillie Myers Undergraduate Student

The last week in July, I had the opportunity to help to prepare and serve a free community meal at 2nd Street and Hope in Frederick. The event was put on by the Frederick Food Security Network (FFSN) and Frederick Memorial Hospital as part of Maryland’s Buy Local Challenge Week.

  • Community Involvement
  • Student Engagement