Human Resources


Our vision is to be recognized internally and externally for best practices in strategic human resource management maximizing the contributions of employees in achieving the College’s mission and creating a vibrant workplace respected for effectiveness, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), integrity, wellness, and lifelong learning.

In order to achieve our vision the Department of Human Resources will:

  • Lead the organization in developing and implementing best practices for DEI.
  • Partner with the administration to envision the future of Hood College and define how faculty and staff can continue to make a difference in their realm of influence
  • Provide internal consulting and services that add value and help to achieve the College’s strategic imperatives
  • Strive to be a strong service-oriented department utilizing current human resource best practices
  • Align all human resources activities with core mission and business objectives of the College
  • Create and sustain a vibrant workplace that meets the needs of our various constituencies while maintaining fiscal responsibility
  • Review, assess, and improve human resource services and programs in response to the changes in our local and the global economy 


Our mission is to be a dynamic strategic partner with the Hood College administration, faculty, and staff in planning, developing, implementing and evaluating systems, programs, and services to inspire excellence and create a supportive, diverse, healthy, and inclusive learning community.

Our Department of Human Resources staff is committed to providing leadership and incorporating best practices in:

  • Cultivating an open culture of inclusiveness, fairness, equity, and equal opportunity in all interactions
  • Recruiting a highly talented, diverse, and dedicated workforce that is involved in life-long learning
  • Motivating a high performing and effective workforce that supports the mission of the College
  • Developing an open and supportive work environment where everyone has an opportunity to make individual and/or collective contributions to the goals of the College
  • Delivering high quality service to all constituents
  • Utilizing a human management capital management system to provide management information and technological efficiencies
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to practice holistic wellness and work-life balance
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative methods of assessment and problem solving to enhance employee satisfaction
  • Embracing change and responding positively to new challenges
  • Encourage and support professional excellence, continuous learning, work-life balance, community building and personal significance
  • Provide resources and opportunities for faculty and staff to manage health and wellness
  • Recognizing and celebrating individual and collective achievements of faculty and staff
  • Offering benefits that meet the life cycle needs of our faculty and staff and that are fiscally responsible
  • Reviewing the College’s total compensation against benchmarks for peer institutions and planning for potential equity adjustments
  • Complying with all applicable federal, state, and local laws