Employee Portal FAQs

What is the Employee Portal?

Hood College is using a Human Resources Capital Management System (HRCMS) known as the Employee Portal to house employee payroll and human resources information. The Employee Portal provides employees with a very convenient and streamlined process for accessing  and updating their personnel, benefits, and payroll information. The web-based system is also “green” because it reduces the need for paper forms.

What kinds of things will I be able to do in the portal?

Employees will be able to:

  • Access their personal information 24 hours a day/seven days a week; and
  • View, process and/or print Personal profile data, Job information data, Benefit information, and Payroll information.

Personal Profile Data

  •  Address change 
  •  Dependent change 
  •  Name change 
  • Add or change emergency contacts
  • Add or change beneficiaries

Job Information Data

  • View current position(s)

Benefit Information

  • Submission of time off requests
  • Leave balances
  • Current benefit plan participation 

Payroll Information

  • Pay advices (for those who have not signed up for direct deposit, you will still receive your paycheck);
  • W-2 wage and tax statements (beginning tax year 2012);
  • W-4 employee withholding tax form; and
  • Direct deposit forms (We continue to encourage all employees to use this payroll method to ensure that your money is in the bank in the timeliest and most secure fashion!).

How do I access the portal?

Employees will use their Hood College e-mail address as their user name. The first time into the portal, employees will use the default password provided to them by HR. Once you enter that information, you will be able to set your own password. Please note your password must be 8 – 25 characters in length and include one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character (like $,#,!)  After you enter your new password, you will be asked to answer three security questions which will help you reset your password should you forget it in the future. See instructions.

How do I change my password?

You will be able to change your password from the main Employee Portal web page. See instructions.

What happens if I am unable to get into the portal or unable to change my password?

Please contact Amanda Harris in human resources, aharris@hood.edu or 301-696-3590.

What if I find that there is an error in my information listed on the portal?

For employment or benefits information, please contact Amanda Harris, aharris@hood.edu or 301-696-3590.

For payroll or timecard questions, please send an email message to schanbacher@hood.edu or call Kate on ext. 3608. 

Do I have to be at work to log-on?

No, the Employee Portal is web-based and can be accessed through the internet at any location.

Is the information shown in the Employee Portal secure?

Yes. This information is protected according to data security protocols at the highest level. You can help to maintain the security of your personal and other data by adhering to the College’s security policies, not saving the password to the browser, and logging off after each session. You may review these policies.

Can I use Apple computer products to access the Employee Portal?

Yes, you may use the Apple operating systems to access the Employee Portal.

Will the system automatically log me off?

Yes, the Employee Portal will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

Will the College be mailing my pay statement to my home or office?

No, you will view and print your pay statement from the Employee Portal.

What is the benefit of viewing my pay statement on-line?

Your pay statement will be available to view as early as Wednesday of a pay week. The funds will not be available until the actual pay date. Also, you can print the statement for proof of employment for loans or any other financial verification.

Will the College be mailing my W-2s to me for tax filing purposes?

The College is going to mail the W-2s to employees. Beginning with the W-2s for the 2012 calendar year, employees will be able to access and print copies for tax filing.  Beginning that same time, W-2s will remain available via the portal.