The Process of Working with the Ombudperson

Hood College understands that there are occasions when you might need to talk through College-related concerns with a person who is knowledgeable about the issues (or can find out about them), who brings a neutral viewpoint to those issues, and who can help you gain some perspective, develop and weigh options, and even find solutions. Those issues may include things such as supervisory issues, workplace disputes, policy interpretation questions, unprofessional conduct, or unfair treatment. Hood's Ombudsperson is available to students, faculty, and staff to discuss these and other issues. The Ombudsperson provides an informal and confidential setting where you can voluntarily voice your concerns and discuss your situation. The Ombudsperson doesn't take sides, focusing instead on promoting open, meaningful communication and understanding between disputants and/or about an issue.

The Ombudsperson can help you work in an informal way through most kinds of interpersonal conflict, though by law she is not authorized to mediate cases of sexual misconduct. She can, however, help you to navigate the formal process. If you are experiencing interpersonal conflict that does not involve sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, or threats of physical harm, violence, child abuse, or the commission of a felony, the Ombudsperson may suggest that you and the other party attempt a mediation. Please see the section on mediation to learn more about how it might help you both.