Benefit Plan Resource:  Plan Year 2020-2021 Interactive Benefits Guide


Hood College is concerned about the well-being of employees and their families. There is a commitment to policies, practices, and programs that support employees as they encounter personal and family issues throughout the lifecycle. The College encourages, at all levels, a working environment sensitive to and supportive of the needs of individuals and their families. As part of the proactive response to these concerns, the College provides a menu of choices to provide assistance to employee needs that range from young adults, to family providers, to parent caregivers, to retirement planning.

The policies, practices and programs encourage personal choice to create the benefits package that best addresses the unique situation of every employee. Hood College understands that employees face a number of issues that can impact their daily lives. The College has assembled a generous collection of benefit offerings to assist employees in facing many of these challenges. Some benefits are totally funded by the College; the premium costs of other benefits are shared between employees and the College. Whenever possible, the College has provided the pre-tax option for employees to pay for their share of the costs. Information is provided for employees to use to make informed decisions as they create the benefits package that works best for their current situation. Open enrollment is held annually and provides the opportunity for employees to review choices and determine the best options for the next year.


If you experience a qualifying life event during the plan year, you may be able to make a change to your health care coverage.  Please submit the change via the Employee Portal using the Life Events module (Menu/Myself/Life Events) and complete/return the Status Change form found below. Please contact the Benefits Manager for details. 

All life events must be reported within 30 days.