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How to Apply

Welcome to the first step of your Hood College journey!

We love helping students and their families through the college search and application process, from the first stages of talking about how a college “fits” to submitting an application, financing your education and deciding which program will help propel you toward your goals.

Our evaluation process is based on looking at each applicant as a whole - we know that you're more than just grades and test scores, and we want to reflect that in our admission process. We encourage students to visit campus and keep in touch with their admission counselors from the time they start looking at colleges until the time that they make their final decisions. We're here to help, and we're excited to be your first Hood Hello!

For more information about the admission process (and to submit your free application to join our community!), please select the appropriate section below.

If you are currently a high school student studying in the United States, you will be applying as a first-year applicant to Hood College. 

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If you have earned college credits after graduating from high school, you will apply to Hood College as a transfer student.

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Requirements for Admission

Completed application (including essay).

Homeschool students must provide a transcript or proof of school completion by the state Department of Education or local school district. Specifically include an official document attesting that the homeschooled education meets the equivalency to what is taught in the student’s home school district. This document may be provided by the state Department of Education (if provided by that state), the homeschool liaison within the student’s school district, or from a school official in the high school district. 

The homeschool transcript should include:

  • Student and school information
  • Courses completed (including course title, final grade, and credit earned)
  • Academic summary (including total credits and cumulative grade point average)
  • The graduation date
  • A grading scale
  • Self-certification, signature, and date completed by authorized administrator, homeschool instructor, parent, or guardian

Our home school review process is designed to recognize the unique experience of a home education while ensuring preparation for academic success at Hood College. Because we recognize that some homeschool programs may not follow a traditional high school curriculum, we individually evaluate each of our applicants and offer several opportunities to provide information. As such, we recommend a personal interview with an admission counselor for best consideration. 

Many admitted homeschooled students have taken advanced classes outside the homeschool environment such as dual enrollment courses at a local college.  If college courses have been completed or are in progress, the college transcript should be sent to us along with the homeschool high school transcript.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident, you will apply to Hood College as an international student.

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If you are a current high school student, you can earn college credit by taking classes at Hood College while still in high school!

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If you have already earned a bachelor's degree and would like to earn your initial teaching certification, you can apply as a post-baccalaureate student.

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