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Move Out

Important Dates 

Saturday, May 5 through Saturday, May 12
24-hour quiet hours in all residential areas for final exam preparation

Saturday, May 12 at noon
Residence halls close for students (except graduating seniors) *

Saturday, May 19 at 10 a.m.

Sunday, May 20 at 2 p.m.
Residence halls close for graduating seniors
Summer housing
residents move into their summer assignment.

* Non-graduates must depart within 24 hours of their last final or by the above deadline - whichever comes first.  Only graduating students, RAs, and those few students with rare extended stay approval are permitted to be in Hood College housing after this date. For extended stay permission, students must pay $30 per day and must submit a request at this link.

How to Checkout
Each Hood College residential student is required to meet with their Resident Assistant prior to moving out. The RA will complete a Move-Out Form, which the resident will need to sign. Students who do not schedule a move-out meeting with their RA will be charged an Improper Checkout Charge of $150. The Resident Assistant will complete the staff section of the Move-Out Form with the student present while briefly reviewing the room. The resident must then return their room key to the Campus Safety information desk in Whitaker Campus Center before departing campus. Students who do not return their key will be charged $100 by Campus Safety (to change the door’s lock).

After professional Residence Life staff and Facilities staff later assess the space and compare the Room Condition Form from move-in to the current condition, any determined charges will be assessed to the student's account and communicated with the student by email within two weeks of moving out. Students with charges will receive information regarding how to appeal any disputed charges. RAs are not authorized to provide estimates of charges and cannot guarantee charges will not be assessed to a student.  

Residential students will need to schedule an appointment with a Resident Assistant prior to the time the student plans to depart campus. Each RA will communicate with their residents to schedule an appointment. Because RAs have final exams and papers and other important time commitments, they are not always available. If an RA is unable to checkout his/her resident, another RA in the building, or the RA’s supervisor, will be able to perform the checkout. Since some Resident Assistants are graduating, other RAs will be assisting with the check-out of graduating residents and others approved to stay late.    

Charges to Avoid
Listed below are examples of some common charges (estimates and minimums). Students should take action to avoid being assessed charges by properly checking out and leaving their residence in good condition. All charges are subject to adjustment based on the extent of the damage. Students will be responsible for the entire replacement cost and any associated labor cost if Facilities staff is unable to repair an item. If a damage charge in a room or common area cannot be attributed to one person, the full charge will be assessed to all members of the room/apartment or community (either floor or building).

Improper (or Late) Checkout


Key not returned at checkout


Left belongings / trash removal

$25 per bag/small item (minimum)

Personal furniture removal

$100 per item

Removal of adhesive tape/residue or hooks from wall

$25 (minimum)

Wall patch and/or painting

$45 for partial wall; $800 for entire room

Furniture repair

$25, ranging to $125

Furniture missing - replacement

$100 minimum (ranging upwards of $1,100 for more expensive items)

Additional cleaning required (room)

$40 (minimum)

Excessive/additional cleaning required (apartment)

$300 (minimum)

Cable equipment replacement (apartment)


Router replacement (apartment)


Carpet damaged

$40 and up

Ceiling tile replacement


Door replacement


Window replacement

$155 per pane

Window screen replacement

$50 and up

Kitchen cleaning (apartment-style residents)











How to Clean Your Residence
Students should not place belongings or trash in the hallway or bathroom trash during this period of time. Items left in the hallway or bathroom will be charged to everyone in the immediate community/floor if responsibility cannot be determined. There will be additional large waste containers (dumpsters) spread throughout campus for move-out. Students should place large bulky items in these containers. While moving out, students should not leave anything in the hallway unattended as it may be considered abandoned and be taken. Students must clean their living space as follows:

  • Carefully remove all tape, stickers, adhesive tape, etc. from walls, doors, ceilings, mirrors, and windows.
  • Clean off writing on doors, walls, desks, dressers, or chairs. Wash all furniture surfaces - chairs, desks, dressers, window sills etc. This means there should be no stains, black smudges, tape, or sticky spots left.
  • Place all furniture in the room, in its original place and condition.
  • Bring all of your trash to appropriate waste containers, making sure to not add to overflowing containers. Do not sweep garbage into the hallway. Each floor resident will be billed for garbage or items left in the hallway, bathroom, or other common spaces.
  • Remove all personal belongings.
  • No dust bunnies or dirt should be left behind or under furniture.
  • Empty all drawers and wipe out all dust.
  • You do not need to vacuum the floor, but pick up large pieces of debris.    

Donate Items to Goodwill
Hood College Alpha Lambda Delta has partnered with Goodwill Industries International, Inc., to have donation drop-off locations available on campus. Students are encouraged to donate gently-used unwanted items. It is sustainable for the environment by avoiding landfills, and it helps those looking for that special item.

Information Specifically for Graduating Students and others present after May  
Between Saturday, May 12 and Monday, May 14, Residence Life staff will enter all residences to assess and record the condition for damages. Students still present will need to have their residence prepared and be ready to receive the staff to review the space. Damages for graduating students will be assessed to the student's account, and the student must pay any outstanding charges before 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 16.   

There are no on-campus storage options (with the exception of international students and those whose permanent address is 1,000 miles or more from Hood). All residences are used over the summer by summer conference groups or for summer students or are maintained (cleaned or renovated) by Facilities. Items may not be left in residences. Those qualifying for on-campus storage options must submit an application no later than Wednesday, May 9.  Students not meeting the criteria for on-campus storage may wish to contact one of the local area storage facilities to rent a storage space at their own cost. Hood College is not responsible for any items placed in storage on campus or at other facilities. Students are encouraged to take home items of value.

Students should remember to keep their doors locked at all times. When packing and moving out, they should not leave their room or belongings unattended. There will be many people on campus during the last few weeks of the semester. Students' safety and that of their belongings deserves special attention. Many campuses see an increase in theft during this period of transition. Students should remember to not let others into the building without proper access. Potentially suspicious activity should be reported to Campus Safety and Security by calling 301-696-3548.  

Students and their friends and family assisting with move-out must not block fire lanes when departing campus. Temporary loading zones are intended for a maximum of twenty minutes.    

Mailbox Information 
All students will need to submit a completed forwarding card to campus mail services; a blank card is placed in each mailbox. Students staying on campus during the entire summer should not forward their mail. Those graduating or withdrawing should notify all correspondents their address has changed.    

Extended Quiet Hours 
As the spring semester winds down, there is one final push to complete final exams, projects, and papers. All residential buildings follow 24-hour quiet hours from 12:01 a.m. Saturday, May 5 until Saturday, May 12. Quiet hours are meant to provide a noise-free atmosphere so all spaces on campus can be academically-focused. Students are asked to be considerate of their neighbors during this time by not being heard outside their rooms. As students finish final exams and papers and prepare to move out, they are asked to be aware that others are still in the process. Students who are disruptive to the community may be asked to leave and/or fined.  

Meal Plan
For those with a dining hall meal plan, the last included meal will be served at dinner on Friday, May 11. Graduates may sign-in at the dining hall when opened during senior week. Other students approved on campus after the last included meal may only eat in the dining hall when opened if they pay at the door.