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Graduate Forms and Guidelines

Mandatory forms

  • The petition to graduate form must be submitted by students planning to complete a master’s degree. All graduation candidates' names are presented to the faculty and board of trustees for approval several months before for each graduation date (January, May and September). If you expect to graduate in May or September 2018, or January or May 2019, please complete this form.

  • Notification of Intent to take the comprehensive examination is required for students in the master of arts in ceramic arts, thanatology and human sciences/human behavior programs. The exam is given twice a year — once in the spring and once in the fall.  Students may receive a reminder email from the registrar's office at a specific time in their program of study, however it is the student's responsibility to submit the form by the deadline established in the Academic Calendar.
  • Ceramic Arts Comprehensive Exam Intent Form
  • Human Sciences/Human Behavior Comprehensive Exam Intent Form
  • Thanatology Form

Additional forms

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT – Internships for F-1 Students) form for international (F-1) students who are interested in internships, after completing a year of coursework.
  • OPT Anticipated Graduation Form
  • Share Scholarly and Professional Accomplishments Form Students should use this form to submit good news, like a promotion, new publication or major award, so that the Graduate School can feature you on social media and
  • Address changes should be made through Self Service.  The registrar's office will be notified electronically of the changes and will update the database accordingly.  
  • Name change should be submitted to the registrar and must be accompanied by a copy of a legal document (social security card, driver’s license, marriage license, divorce decree) authorizing the name change. In accordance with IRS regulations, your name at Hood College must match your social security record for IRS form 1098T processing.
  • FERPA Release The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. For the student’s protection, FERPA limits release of student record information without the student’s explicit written consent. If you wish to authorize a release of information, please complete the FERPA Release Form and submit it to the registrar's office.
  • Incomplete grade which must be completed and signed by the instructor and student, should explain any extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from completing a course within a given semester.
  • Dual Enrollment  Students who wish to enroll in two master's programs simultaneously, must complete this form and return to the Registrar's office for consultation with appropriate program directors.
  • Certificate Declaration is for students enrolled in a master's degree and would like to earn a related certificate simultaneously.
  • Degree Change   Students who wish to change from one degree program to another, must complete this form and return to the Registrar's office for consultation with appropriate program directors.

Transcript Requests

  • Official transcripts must be ordered online.  Review the procedure on the Registrar's page.

Course registration and withdrawal forms

  • Course registration Students should register for coursework through Self Service. When assistance is requested, the registrar's office can process registrations for students who submit the course registration form.
  • Permission to enroll is for registration in independent studies, practicums, theses, projects, capstones and directed readings. A brief written proposal must also accompany this form.
  • Course withdrawal Students may drop coursework through Self Service, Hood’s student portal, before the start of the semester without any financial penalty. Once the semester starts, there is a drop/add period (see Academic Calendar) when students can submit requests for drops by completing the course withdrawal form. There are three types of course drops or withdrawals during the drop/add period and after:
  1. Students may drop one course and add another course of equal credit value, simultaneously, during the drop/add period of each semester without any financial penalty;

  2. Students may drop coursework during the drop/add period and are eligible for an 80% refund or credit on their tuition;

  3. After the drop/add period of a semester, students may withdraw from coursework by the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar for a given semester. The student will receive a grade of ‘W’ on his/her transcript, which carries no academic penalty. Students withdrawing from coursework after the drop/add deadline are still responsible for the tuition and fees associated with that course. Failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal.

Final Thesis, projects, capstones, and research:

Students enrolled in programs that require final theses, projects, capstones or research, must submit completed documents to the Graduate School by established deadlines in the Academic Calendar. Individual academic programs and departments may have their own deadlines to ensure final projects are submitted by the ultimate deadline in the Academic Calendar.  Students should take these steps:  


  1. Read and follow departmental guidelines
  2. Read and follow Beneficial-Hodson Library Guidelines
  3. Complete the thesis capstone project cover sheet, obtaining physical signatures of adviser, committee members and graduate school dean
  4. Print and complete the submission form for the Graduate School to arrange for direct submission of thesis/project with the completed submission form and relevant payment forms.  

 Students should contact the Graduate School at 301-696-3600 to schedule an appointment to submit final documents.


  Departmental Guidelines: 
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