Graduate Leave of Absence

This form should be used by students who are leaving Hood for one or two consecutive semesters (excluding summer) and can specify with certainty the semester in which they will return.  If the return is uncertain, or if you will be away for more than two consecutive semesters, you should submit a Withdrawal from the College form.  You can submit a readmission form at a later date to return to your program within your 7-year time limit.  A student on a Leave of Absence will be reported to the National Student Clearinghouse as withdrawn in accordance with federal reporting requirements, which may affect your student loan(s).  Contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 301-696-3411 for information.

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Semester(s) on Leave
Purpose of Leave – Choose the most appropriate one

International students attending on F1 visas cannot take a Leave of Absence without prior approval from the College Primary Designated School Officer (PDSO). To discuss this option, please email