Graduate School Petition to Graduate

Graduate School Petition to Graduate

Anticipated Graduation DatePetition Due Date
May 22, 2021  Jan. 11, 2021
September 15, 2021March 22, 2021

Petition to Graduate form must be submitted by students planning to complete a master’s degree. All graduation candidates’ names are presented to the faculty and Board of Trustees for approval several months before each graduation date (January, May and September). Please submit the form below by the due dates above (also available in the Academic Calendar).

Personal Information

Are you a U.S. Military Veteran or Active Duty Member?

Commencement Information

Will you participate in commencement exercises? There is only one commencement in May every year. Students who graduate in September or January will participate in the commencement exercises following their graduation.
Please also provide your phonetic pronunciation of your name (only if it is difficult to pronounce)

Legacy Information

Hood College recognizes graduates at Commencement who have legacy relationships. Legacies are defined in the following ways:

  • Great Grandparent/Great Grandchild
  • Great Aunt & Uncle/Great Niece & Nephew
  • Grandparent/Grandchild
  • Parent/Child (including step relationships)
  • Aunt & Uncle/Niece & Nephew
  • Sibling (including step relationships)

If you have a relative who fits a defined legacy relationship, please provide the following information, which will be confirmed by our Alumni office: