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Skill Accelerator Badges

Professional development badges at Hood College.

The Skill Accelerator program offers a unique series of non-degree professional development badges.

Digital badges are short, focused, competency-based credentials that provide in-demand skills, knowledge and experience. The Skill Accelerator program is designed for working professionals seeking to upskill and advance their careers without committing to the demands of a full graduate degree. Most badges are offered online for convenience and flexibility.

We offer badges in several focus areas, including business, computing, counseling and trauma, equity and inclusion, biotechnology and education. Topics range from finance, human resources, AI and data analytics, diversity in education and much more. Badges are offered at foundational, intermediate and advanced levels, and any badge can be applied toward a future master’s degree.

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The applicant should hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (although some badges may require a higher GPA). Professionals applying for Skill Accelerator courses should enroll using the non-degree enrollment process.

Based on the applicant’s background, the program director may apply alternative criteria for approving enrollment into the badge course. With appropriate verification of successful completion, a badge may be retroactively awarded, up to one year after completion of the course.

Summer 2024

Generative AI for Business Badge (ITMG 599B)

Now enrolling! Our focused online course is designed to be affordable, accessible and flexible. Upskill your AI proficiency and become a leader in the tech-driven future. You will be introduced to key AI concepts from generative frameworks to data analytics. Explore the frontiers of AI with industry professionals, starting with the basics and progressing to expert-level strategies and cutting-edge applications for business. Learn more about AI at Hood here.

Application deadline is June 30.


Fall 2024

Management Theory Badge (MGMT 551)

Management Theory is a foundational level badge designed to impart knowledge about various management theories and to develop a range of skills that are crucial for effective management in today's business environment. While earning this badge, the Professional will focus on enhancing or further developing key skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, leadership, communication ethical awareness, adaptability, global perspective, and diversity and inclusion.

Application deadline is August 15.


J-Term 2025

Decision Analysis - Environmental Biology Badge (ENV 599C)

Based on curriculum at the National Conservation Training Center, the intro to decision analysis badge provides a foundation for the decision-making process. Designed for professionals from the environmental field and perfect for employees of NGOs, state and federal government, and consultants, the decision analysis badge illustrates how to overcome obstacles to good decision making and how to apply your decisions while contending with scientific uncertainty. Learn the steps of integrating values and facts to inform your decision making to maximize end results.

Badges are issued by Milestone™ and can be embedded on LinkedIn and similar online portfolios/resumes. Badges are verified and list the skills/competencies/credits acquired through completion of the course(s).

Reduced pricing opportunities are available for business and organizational cohorts. Content can be tailored to your organization’s needs with cohort agreements. For more information, please contact

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Marcy Taylor | Skill Accelerator Program Coordinator
Tel:  301-964-4678

Marcy Taylor is managing the launch of Hood College’s new Skill Accelerator badge program, which is designed especially for working professionals seeking to boost their credentials by earning verifiable badges.Recently retired from a long career in aerospace, Taylor is applying her program management skills to launch this exciting program. 

Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Taylor came to Frederick, Maryland, to attend Hood College. After earning a B.A. in chemistry (Class of 1981), she settled in Frederick to start her career in the aerospace industry, managing NASA, commercial and development projects that included designing, manufacturing and launching satellites, rocket motor development and the construction of a launch pad in Wallops, Virginia.  She earned her MBA from Hood College (Class of 2000) and is also serving on the College’s Board of Associates.