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International Students

Students from more than 30 countries contribute to a rich cultural diversity and dynamic fusion of perspectives at Hood College.

Naha Prasaath Ganesan

“I like how Hood is a smaller college with fewer students. The Graduate School helped me adjust after I arrived post-orientation. Hood’s professors have been very helpful and friendly.”

Naha Prasaath Ganesan, M.S. Information Technology
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Student Testimonials

International graduate students Okuneye Oluwadamilola, Minghua Liu, Samjhana Basnet, Arzu Ozcan, Bukola Raji and Shikha Gupta describe their experiences as students of the Graduate School at Hood College.

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Cost of Attendance

At Hood, we understand the cost of pursuing an advanced degree can be expensive.  We have done our best over the years to keep costs down and make education affordable.  We offer some of the lowest prices for a graduate degree in Maryland while improving the delivery of our education and the student's experience in the classroom

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Exceptional Opportunities

Hood College is in the "Regional University North" category and "Best Value Schools" by US News and World Report. Students from over 25 countries are currently pursuing their education at Hood College. 

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Scholarly knowledge, professional skills

Hood’s master’s level degree programs help students from around the world develop deep intellectual understanding and apply their knowledge to real world scenarios to give them the edge in their choice of professions. Internships, labs, linkages to business and industry enable students to gain practical experience and make valuable partnerships beyond the classroom. 

Carroll Creek

Life in Frederick, Maryland

The city of Frederick offers a balanced and thriving economy, a highly educated workforce, and a quality of life that is nothing short of enviable.

Hood College in India

Christian DiGregorio, Graduate School Admissions Director, represented Hood College in India in April 2019.

International Students' Day at Hood

International Education Week

Hood College is proud to celebrate our vibrant international student community.

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Mario Mora

Graduate Student Spotlight | Mario Mora

Mario Mora, M.S. Information Technology Graduate School Graduate Student

"I chose Hood College because this program completes the skills set I have acquired over the years by enabling me to explore and reinforce methodologies that I can use to develop greater quality on the work I do."

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Reham Eltomy

Graduate Student Spotlight | Reham Eltomy

Reham Eltomy, M.S. Information Technology Graduate School Graduate Student

"I enjoy the community feeling at Hood College. In addition to being a graduate student, I am also a teaching assistant, so I have the opportunity to get to know students and learn from them too."

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