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A Degree Further

A Degree Further is a biweekly podcast hosted by The Graduate School at Hood College, which features accomplished alumni, innovative faculty and successful student stories and interviews. Click below to access our podcast episodes!

A Degree Further podcast episodes can be accessed via YouTube, Apple or Spotify. Click below to access episodes.


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Episode 267/22/2024Conversation with Dr. Jamie White about Frederick Health Nursing & Leadership AccessAccessAccess



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Episode 254/3/2024Conversation with Amanda Dymek about Hood Wellness Resources AccessAccessAccess

FALL 2023

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Episode 2411/28/2023Conversation with 
Dr. Daniel Sierra-Sosa about Trends in Quantum Computing





Episode 2311/14/2023Conversation with Amani Al-Dajane about the Celebration of International Education Week at Hood College AccessAccessAccess
Episode 2210/31/2023Conversation with Dr. Shannon Shoemaker introducing the new doctoral degree in counseling. AccessAccessAccess
Episode 2110/17/2023Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Cooper introducing the new master's in NursingAccessAccessAccess
Episode 2010/3/23Conversation with Dr. Tim Coffin introducing the new Health Informatics graduate programAccessAccessAccess
Episode 1909/19/23Conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Knapp about new MFA programAccessAccessAccess
Episode 1808/24/23Conversation with Zachary Klug, Biomedical Science 4PLUS studentAccessAccessAccess



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Episode 1708/01/23Conversation with Thiri Hsu Mon Aye, our first international student from MyanmarAccessAccessAccess
Episode 1607/13/2023Conversation with Vanessa Solis about Hood College New On-Campus Graduate Student HousingAccessAccessAccess
Episode 1506/22/2023Conversation with Tanith Fowler Corsi about Leadership Frederick County (LFC)AccessAccessAccess
Episode 1406/06/2023Conversation with Jared Tomlin, M.S. ENV, about Environmental Sustainability & Urban Tree ProjectAccessAccessAccess



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Episode 1305/16/2023Conversation with Kori Payne, 2023 Winner of 3MT CompetitionAccessAccessAccess
Episode 1205/02/2023Conversation with Dr. Annis and Karen Cannon about Inaugural Climate SummitAccessAccessAccess

Episode 11
04/20/23Conversation with Dr. David Gurzick and Kathryn Ryberg about the pros & cons of ChatGPTAccessAccessAccess

Episode 10
04/06/23Conversation with doctoral students, Carrie Johnson and Meagan ProphetAccessAccessAccess
Episode 903/21/23Conversation with Dr. Shaine Director of the New Trauma certificate program at Hood CollegeAccessAccessAccess
 Episode 802/28/23Conversation with Hood Graduate Student Association (GSA ) President, Gaby GuizaAccess AccessAccess 

FALL 2022

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Episode 712/7/22Conversation with Hood Graduate Social Media Ambassadors: Patsy Zetkulic & Cameron RogersAccessAccessAccess
Episode 611/21/22Conversation with Hood graduate student athlete, Alex DudziakAccessAccessAccess
Episode 511/7/22Featuring Hood's new Nutrition Science Master’s Program: a conversation with Dr. Anne Davis, Assistant Professor and Director of Nutrition ScienceAccessAccessAccess
Episode 410/24/22Conversation with Hood international MIS graduate student, Camilla CostaAccessAccessAccess
Episode 310/12/22Conversation with Dr. Megan Shaine, associate professor of counseling, and Brandon Shurn, NCTC directorAccessAccessAccess
Episode 29/26/22Conversation with Hood doctoral alumna and FCPS Superintendent, Cheryl Dyson, DOL'22AccessAccessAccess
 Episode I9/12/22Conversation with Hood doctoral student, Cmdr. Youssef Aboul-EneinAccess Access Access