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Graduate Student Association

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a great way to get informally involved with other graduate students. If you are new to the area, want to meet other graduate students, and attend various events from Laser Tag to networking in the Frederick, MD community, then GSA may be for you. 

For more information contact, or follow on Facebook: and Twitter: @Hood_GSA

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PURPOSE: The objectives of the GSA shall be to:

a. Promote better communication among graduate students, the faculty, and the administration.
b. Provide Graduate students with an official and representative forum in which to raise Graduate student concerns.
c. Provide funding for the purposes of Graduate student societies, research projects, and educational conferences.
d. Provide activities and services which will assist students in their graduate and post-graduate work.
e. Provide social and networking opportunities for Graduate students.
f. Strengthen the Hood community and bridge the relationships between the College and its Graduates.


All students enrolled in graduate studies or students presenting a statement by their department(s) certifying them to be graduate students shall automatically be eligible to become members of the Graduate Student Association.
a. Active membership of the Graduate Student Association shall be chosen without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, age, religion, color, political affiliation or ideology, or national or ethnic origin
b. Active membership requires that the members be a full or part time Graduate Student at Hood College.
c. Full and Part-time Graduate students retain full privileges within the Graduate Student Association with the right to hold office and vote.
d. The Graduate Student Association recognizes various Graduate Societies.
e. The Graduate School at Hood College recognizes various academic disciplines.

Types of Events:

Café B4 Class: Get a coffee and a snack before your class. Feel free to mingle with us and other graduate students or dash to your next class!
Mixers: Meet grad students in other departments or even someone who is in your class that you haven’t met yet! Mixers are great for meeting new friends and networking.

Getting Involved:

We know graduate students can be very busy, from family life to working full time jobs, so you can be as involved as you’d like. If you would like to help us plan events or if you only have time to help spread the word of upcoming events and activities to your fellow classmates we would love to have you join. If you want more information about the GSA or you wish to join the GSA please email

Gabby Guiza




*Tune into Gabby Guiza's A Degree Further podcast episode to learn more about her!

Gabby Guiza is the current Graduate Student Association (GSA) President. Gabby is originally from Colombia and a current graduate student in the Environmental Biology program. Gabby completed her first graduate program in Biomedical Science at Hood College in May 2022. She loved her graduate experienced so much that she decided to return for a second master’s program.

Gabby applied for the GSA president position because she wants to help other graduate students have a great experience at Hood and strengthen the campus community. She also looks forward to growing her leadership and communication skills in this position. Listening to graduate students needs is her top priority. Gabby plans to offer a variety of GSA events held both on campus and online with the goal to facilitate communication between graduate students and Hood College. Stay tuned for great workshops and networking events that will enrich and support the graduate student community. 

Please join us in as many GSA events as possible, and don't hesitate to reach out with concerns and suggestions. All ideas are welcomed! You can email Gabby at

Maria Gabriela Guiza

Spotlight on GSA President | Maria Guiza

Maria Gabriela Guiza, M.S. Environmental Biology Graduate School Graduate Student

“My role is to try to enrich graduate events and networking opportunities. The GSA communicates with graduate students and reaches out to them about their needs and their graduate experience.”

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Samantha Brandt

Introducing New GSA President | Samantha Brandt

Samantha Brandt, Hood GSA President Graduate School Graduate Student

Hood MBA student, Samantha Brandt, is the new Graduate Student Association (GSA) President. Samantha is also a Hood ALTY scholar as she completed her undergraduate studies in Biology at Hood College.

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Laura Espinosa

Spotlight on GSA President Laura Espinosa

Laura Espinosa, MIS student and GSA President Graduate School Graduate Student

Laura is a native of Columbia and she looks forward to involving more international graduate students in the GSA.

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