I-20 Application

Your I-20 application is an important step in becoming a Hood College student. Please follow the directions below to complete this application process.

The I-20 application is a form that must be completed AFTER admission into a graduate program that allows Hood College to easily and thoroughly examine your documents.  To complete the form you will need,

  • an electronic copy of your passport,
  • an official bank statement showing line items of deposits and withdrawals and is no older than six months,
  • a completed affidavit of support

Once you complete the form and upload your documents you will be will provided a link at the email address you provided on the I-20 application form.

If you are currently not living in the United States, please enter Hood College's mailing address in the section titled "U.S. Address" as:

  • Street Address = 401 Rosemont Avenue 
  • City = Frederick 
  • State = Maryland  
  • Zip/Postal Code = 21701 
  • Country = United States

Hood College must have the original or certified/attested copy of the original of each document of financial support including bank statements and affidavit of support. It is vital that you demonstrate adequate financial support and preferred to have monetary units in U.S. dollars.

For future reference, the Hood College SEVIS code is BAL214F00012000.

Current F-1 Visa Holders

  1. Fill out the I-20 application form. Fill out ALL sections of this form completely and gather supporting documents. Incomplete information will result in a delay in processing and issuing your I-20.
  2. Submit the Declaration of Finances and Affidavit of Support no older than six months. Please note that both pages of this form must be filled out in its entirety, signed by the person or the entity who will sponsor your education financially. You are also required to submit proof of financial support for at least one year of academic and living expenses at Hood College, which is estimated to be approximately $32,000 USD, at the time of application. Thus, we will need to receive a bank statements (in USD) or formal scholarship notifications with your completed form.
  3. See #2 above—gather and submit official bank statements or formal scholarship notification.
  4. A copy of your valid passport.
  5. Fill out I-20 transfer application form, send it to your current school and request an I-20 transfer to be released to Hood College. (SEVIS school code: BAL214F00012000)
  6. A copy of your current I-20
  7. A copy of your F-1 visa
  8. Your I-94

It is important to apply early for your visa and to read the country-specific visa application process on the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate where you will be interviewed. The order of the steps of applying for a visa and how you complete those steps may vary by embassy or consulate.