SPIRE Symposium

SPIRE Symposium, Monday, April 15, 2024, 9:50am-4:30pm

Your writing, research, and creative works are important to the Hood College community!  The SPIRE Symposium is a celebration of undergraduate student achievement and an opportunity for you to gain experience presenting your work to faculty, your fellow students, staff, and other interested members of the Hood community.   

How can you participate? 

  • Present completed or proposed research project as a talk or a poster 
  • Gather a panel of peers to discuss a discuss a course-related or research topic 
  • Display original artwork 
  • Perform a musical piece 
  • Read a poem or short story
  • Demonstrating technology you developed

Apply by March 6th for priority registration! All applications received by the priority deadline will receive early notification of acceptance and the first 100 accepted presenters who submitted by the priority deadline will receive a SPIRES t-shirt. We will continue to accept applications through March 19 but only those submitted by March 6 will be given priority consideration.

Those submitting poster presentations, please note that all posters should be completed and submitted by April 1 to ensure that your work is printed in time for the SPIRES event. All other presenters (e.g., oral presentations, panels) will need to submit their presentation materials (e.g., powerpoints) by April 10.

The SPIRES Application can be found by clicking here.

Information you will need for your SPIRES submission:

  • If your presentation involves multiple persons, you will need their first and last names, their email addresses, and t-shirt sizes. If you are the only presenter, you just need your name, email, and t-shirt size. Please be sure that all spellings are correct.
  • The name of the department or area that best represents your submission (e.g., health sciences, business, study abroad).  
  • The name and email address of your faculty mentor who is supporting your work.
  • The type of presentation that best represents your work. Work with your faculty mentor to determine the best fit. Options include:
    • 1-hour poster
    • 10-minute oral presentation
    • 20-minute panel
    • 45-minute panel
    • performance
    • original artwork
    • other (with space to specify)
  • Title of your presentation
  • Description of your work (50 words or less).
    • The description should provide enough detail so that members of the Hood community can know what to expect from your presentation.
    • Need examples? Image removed.SPIRES 2023 Event Program.pdf for last year’s program!
    • Work with your faculty mentor to develop your description.
  • If you need any special equipment, technology, or other considerations for your presentation, there will be space on the application to let us know. 



  • 9:00-10:00: Poster Presentations
  • 10:15-11:00: Oral Presentations/Panels/Performances Session 1
  • 11:10-11:55: Oral Presentations/Panels/Performances Session 2
  • 1:00-2:00: Poster Presentations


Thank you to all of the students who participated in and attended SPIRES 2023! It was a full day of learning, featuring 39 presentations (of which 20 were Tischer Scholar presentations), 27 posters presented by 51 students, and 20 students showcasing their artwork. Some students were involved in multiple presentations/posters.

2023 Christine P. Tischer Scholars Program

2023 SPIRE Symposium Program

To check out some of the recorded presentations, click the links below:

Recorded Events