Reporting Barriers to Access and the College's Classroom Relocation Policy

Hood College is committed to equal access and the civil rights of people with disabilities. We strive to remove barriers to our programs wherever they exist through both systematic barrier removal and proper and timely maintenance. If you encounter physical, electronic, or programmatic barriers on the Hood College campus, such as an inoperable elevator, a blocked access ramp, or a refusal to make reasonable accommodation, please help us identify these issues so we can remove the barriers as quickly as possible and maintain access for everyone.

Classroom Relocation Process and Policy


Classroom Relocation

Classroom Relocation is an accommodation to ensure students with disabilities can have equal access to Hood College’s physical campus classrooms in order to attend courses in which they are enrolled. A course or class activity may be reassigned to another room or building if a student with a disability faces a barrier related to their ability to physically transport themselves with enough time in between class periods, or if the building or room the course is located in would be physically inaccessible to them. This accommodation would also apply to students meeting with faculty in their offices, and to other class-related activities taking place on campus outside the regularly scheduled classroom.


When locations are found to present access barriers, the Office of Accessibility Services will work with the Registrar’s Office and the faculty involved to facilitate reasonable accommodations, which may include making temporary or permanent modifications to create access or rescheduling the class in another location.

The College will make every effort to identify potential barriers for students with this accommodation and implement classroom relocation proactively through a semesterly review. However, in rare cases involving specially equipped classrooms or where such changes would fundamentally alter the nature of a class or program, relocation or rescheduling may not be required.

Students are responsible for making their physical access needs known to the Office of Accessibility Services with reasonable advance notice to allow time for relocation or rescheduling. Reasonable advance notice is generally considered to be two weeks before the start of term. Once a student identifies a physical access need by registering with Accessibility Services, the College will engage in a proactive classroom relocation accommodation process via continuous review of the registered students’ schedules by the director of Accessibility Services each term. To ensure your schedule is reviewed for potential classroom relocation as a reasonable accommodation, students should contact

For Immediate Assistance:

Call Facilities at 301-696-3452 or or Accessibility Services at 301-696-3421 or