Visits and Events

There's no better way to get to know Hood College than in person. From your very first Hello, to seeing our beautiful campus, feeling the energy of students and faculty, and exploring Frederick, you'll know if this is the place for you.


At Hood College we have a tradition of greeting, smiling or nodding to everyone we pass—we call it our “Hood Hello.” We value a warm and welcoming community, and the Hood Hello is just one of the many ways you will always be greeted by a friendly face. I hope you will visit campus soon so that our admission staff, students, faculty, coaches and even President Chapdelaine have the opportunity to offer you a Hood Hello!

Payton Mills '19, Visit Coordinator

Weekday Visits

These visits are available Monday through Friday, morning and afternoon, and include a meeting with an admission counselor and a student-led tour of campus.If you'd like to come for a weekday visit, please select your preferred date.

Interested in sitting in on a class?  Check out our "Find Your Fit" visits.

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Saturday Visits

Start your weekend at Hood College with a Saturday morning admission presentation and hour-long, student-led tour.

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Find Your Fit: Campus Visit Experience

We would be thrilled to host you for a personalized visit experience!  Your visit will include the opportunity to sit in on a class of your choice, eat lunch in the dining hall with a current student, meet with an admission counselor and take a student-led campus tour.  These visits can be for your family members too! Pick a date, pick a class and see you soon!


Transfer Student Visits

While each and every visit option is open to students interested in learning more about transferring, there are a couple of events just for transfer students!  Join us and learn more about your transfer options at Hood.

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Group Visits

We offer guided tours and admission presentations for high school and community college groups of a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 50 on select dates during our fall and spring semesters. 

Group Visit opportunities for Spring 2020 are now full.  We will begin accepting requests for Fall 2020 in June.