The 2019 Outstanding Mathematics Education Student Award

Cathleen Dunkelberger

The Antoinette Border Outstanding Mathematics Education Student Award was presented to Cathleen Dunkelberger , M.S. Math Education

Cathleen Dunkelberger | Outstanding Math Education Student Awardee


  • Mathematics Education (M.S.)


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The Graduate School at Hood College presented the 2019 Antoinette Border Outstanding Mathematics Education Student Award to Cathleen Dunkelberger, current graduate student in Hood College's Math Education program. This award is funded by Antoinette Border.

Cathleen is a Mathematics teacher in the Chambersburg School District in Pennsylvania. She currently teaches seventh-grade students, in both Pre-Algebra and Math 7, for a diverse population of students.  During her time at Hood College, she continually brought new ideas and worked diligently to bridge any gaps in practice and teaching between Maryland and Pennsylvania education systems. 

Congratulations Cathleen - We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

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