Charting the Labyrinth: Hood Graduate Student to Present at Conference

Kaili van Waveren

Kaili van Waveren will present research at the 11th Annual Graduate Student Conference in Rhode Island in April.

Kaili van Waveren


  • Thanatology (C)


  • Psychology & Counseling

Kaili van Waveren, a Master’s candidate in Hood College’s Thanatology program, will present research at the 11th Annual Graduate Student Conference: "Beyond Disciplines: Understanding the World Around Us" at the University of Rhode Island in April. She is one of several Hood students presenting.

Her specific area of interest is suicidology. In “Charting the Labyrinth: An Exploration of Suicide Among 5-to 24-year-olds in America.” She uses her educational background to research and write about suicide from an epidemiological and cultural perspective, with a focus on child and preadolescent suicidality.  She hopes that this research will provide the scaffolding for the future research she plans to undertake and that this conference will be the first of many in her future.

Van Waveren received her undergraduate degree—with a double major in writing and anthropology—from Johns Hopkins University.