Five Reasons Why Studying Law and Criminal Justice Was Right for Me

Megan Pezenosky ’25

Megan Pezenosky ’25 explains why she is pursuing a degree in law and criminal justice at Hood.

Megan Pezenosky ’25


  • Law & Criminal Justice (B.A.)


  • Law & Criminal Justice

When I started at Hood, I was undecided in my major. I knew I had options, but I hadn’t found the right program for me. After taking an introductory criminal justice class, I knew the law and criminal justice program was exactly what I wanted to do. Here are five reasons why I chose this major and why you should consider it too.

Diverse Curriculum
Students in the law and criminal justice program delve into subjects such as criminal law, constitutional law, ethics, criminology, social inequality, communications law and terrorism, to name a few. Overall, the curriculum gives students a strong foundation and prepares them for diverse career paths in the fields that interest them.

Immersive, Interactive and Experiential 
The Moot Courtroom in Tatem Arts Center gives students practical experience and is designed to look like an actual courtroom; it has a judge’s bench, witness stand and even a jury box! The courtroom is used for mock trials and debates as well as a semester-long Supreme Court case project for the civil liberties class.

In addition to experience in the courtroom, students in the program are encouraged (or required if you are pursuing the criminal justice concentration) to get an internship off-campus to gain real-world experience in legal professions. Many students in the program have had internships right here in Frederick, but some have worked in Washington, D.C., as well.

Double Major
The law and criminal justice program curriculum draws from various other topics, which makes a double major a great option. The major pairs well with sociology, political science, psychology, global studies, philosophy and environmental science, though it could really work with any program.

Personally, I decided to double major in law and criminal justice and sociology, which opens the door to many different careers in the future.

Experienced Faculty
Janis Judson, Ph.D, professor of political science, has been teaching at Hood College for more than 35 years. Her experience in law and legal research is extensive, and many of the students she has taught over the years have gone on to law school and become highly successful in their legal careers.

Career options
There are many paths that students can take with a law and criminal justice degree from Hood. For further education, there is graduate school and law school. Career options include lawyer, paralegal, law enforcement officer, detective, crime analyst and more.

The law and criminal justice major at Hood College is an interdisciplinary program that helps students gain an understanding of the legal system and prepares them for future careers. The program is a great option for anyone who is considering working in law and government, but it can also be useful for any career path. As for me, I am still deciding what field I want to pursue after graduation. Thinking about my future career is a bit scary, but I know that having a degree in law and criminal justice will equip me with the skills and experience necessary to be successful in any career path I choose.